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Austrian-Canadian Relations in the Past Twenty Years: Facts and Highlights


Symposium on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Canadian Studies Centre at the University of Innsbruck  (1997-2017)

In the past months, Canada has been far more present in the Austrian media than in recent years: CETA has had feelings running high, with many hoping the agreement will stimulate the economy and others seeing it as a danger. The heated debates on the front pages of papers have made it easy to forget that Austria and Canada have maintained a long-standing and intensive relationship, and that the University of Innsbruck has played and still plays a decisive role in these relations.

The Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Innsbruck has in many ways been a trailblazer since its inauguration in 1997. Its founding principle is an interdisciplinary approach, meaning that all areas of academia and science – from the humanities to the sciences, from technology to sports – come into play. Beyond the educational sector, real-life applications and cooperation with the world of business and economy as well as links to the public sphere have always been central to the CSC.

2017 is an important year in more ways than one: Canada is celebrating its 150-year anniversary, Austria and Canada can look back on 65 years of diplomatic relations, and the Canadian Studies Centre has existed for 20 years. To commemorate all these important anniversaries, the CSC will host a celebratory symposium at the University of Innsbruck that will focus on the various facets and highlights of Austro-Canadian relations of the past two decades. You can find the preliminary programme here.


Date: November 23-24, 2017

Venue:  University of Innsbruck, Claudiasaal, Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 3, 6020 Innsbruck



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