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26/06/21: Talk by Irina Tautschnig

On June 25–26, Simon Zuenelli and Irina Tautschnig organised the online workshop “The Ancient Greek Book Epigram in Context”. In the two-day event, the ancient Greek book epigram was contextualised both synchronically, in comparison to other forms of ancient paratext, and diachronically, in comparison to medieval and early modern book epigrams. Irina Tautschnig contributed a case study on book epigrams in early modern scientific publications, namely the book epigrams in Ulisse Aldrovandi’s multi-volume natural history. The talk focused on those Latin and Greek poems which evoke the epic hero Ulysses as a foil for Aldrovandi and showed how they transform Aldrovandi’s natural history into an epic endeavour.



27/05/2021: Insects in Antiquity

The June issue of the German newspaper “Politik & Kultur” has a focus section on insects and culture. Our colleague Dominik Berrens contributed a short piece on insects in antiquity, which builds on his doctoral dissertation. You can find the article on page 26.


12/05/2021: Guest Talk by Julia Heideklang

On Wednesday, 12th May 2021, Julia Heideklang (HU Berlin) will give the talk: “Botanics in the Making. Writing and Reading 16th-century Herbals”. 

Date: Wed, 12/05/2021 – 18:00
Location: Online, Zoom-Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84432440838?pwd=OTZtR1dUV2pja1N3WXd1elpLQVhUUT09



21/04/2021: Paper by Johanna Luggin at RSA Virtual 2021

 Our colleague Johanna Luggin participated in a seminar session at the Virtual Meeting of the RSA on “Patronage and Innovation: How Patronage Shaped Textual Culture in the Early Modern World” with a contribution on “William Gilbert's De magnete: The Patronless Novelty”. The session aimed to study patronage as an agent of change in the early modern world and discussed pre-circulated case studies in the form of video presentations. After reflections on their case studies by the four contributors, a response by Susanna de Beer summarized common themes, questions and problems of all papers, stimulating a lively and fruitful discussion of the topic.


14/04/2021: Paper by Irina Tautschnig at RSA Virtual 2021
Our colleague Irina Tautschnig participated in the virtual conference of the RSA with a paper on the manuscript poems in Copernicus’s De revolutionibus. In the paper, Irina gives an overview of the handwritten verses in the printed books and shows how they document the owners' perception of the Copernican system or are used as an instrument to shape the reaction of other readers. The paper was pre-circulated and discussed in a fruitful and stimulating seminar on Neo-Latin literature. 


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