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18–20/12/2019: Talk by Dominik Berrens in Würzburg

Just before the Christmas break (18 to 20 December 2019), the Camerarius project of the University of Würzburg held its final conference with the title “Camerarius im Kontext. Konstellationen und Diskurslandschaften des 16. Jahrhunderts”. Our colleague Dominik Berrens was invited to give a talk on Camerarius’s role in establishing a medical terminology in the sixteenth century



15/12/2019: Noscemus Transkribus Model released

The first Transkribus model of NOSCEMUS trained by Stefan Zathammer is now officialy out. It is available for every registered user in Transkribus and called: Noscemus GM v1. The model is able to read texts set in Antiqua-based typefaces from the 16th, 17th and 18th century with a high level of accuracy and consistently outperforms most of the standard OCR engines. Although it is tailored towards transcribing (Neo-)Latin texts, Noscemus GM v1 also provides convincing results for other languages such as French, Italian and English. The Noscemus model is therefore able to offer help not only to Neo-Latinists, but to all kind of researchers dealing with larger text corpora from the Early Modern Period.

The model is based on training data from the project’s Digital Sourcebook and comprises at present (December 2019) around 1,000 fully corrected pages. In order to give the user a maximum of freedom, standardizations in the transcription process have been kept to a minimum. Normalizations have been implemented only in the following cases: ligatures (e.g. Æ or æ, Œ or œ, , ff) and abbreviations (e.g. -que, -us, -tur, …mm…, …nn…) have been expanded, long s (ſ) transcribed as a normal s, and small caps transcribed as majuscules.

In the model’s current state there remain a handful of known issues: There are occasional inconsistencies in the transcription of quotation marks; the error rate for the transcription of Greek words or passages is still high; to a lesser degree the same applies to words set in (German) Fraktur.

For more information see also the post on the Transkribus HP

How to guides: Official Wiki | LaTeX-Ninja (English) | B. Denicolò (German)




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