Upcoming Ring of Fire eclipse

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone turned the Sun off for a while?

By Margot Boughelilba

The next spectacular astronomical event is coming up on June 10th, 2021! If you ever wondered what would happen if the Sun was hidden for a while, you will have your curiosity satisfied with this annular solar eclipse, also called Ring of Fire eclipse.

This kind of phenomenon happens when the Sun, the Moon (during it New Moon phase, when it is usually not visible for us), and the Earth are aligned. No need to say that it is a pretty rare configuration!

  1. If you live in some regions of Russia, Greenland, and Canada, you could be lucky and see the total eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, in these cases, you will see this ring of fire which is actually the corona of the Sun. In the other regions as United States, China, Mongolia and Northern Europe, you will only see a partial covering of the Sun.

Courtesy of NASA

In any case, if the weather allows it, this is a great time to look at the sky and realize the interactions between the celestial objects that surround us. But be careful, even hidden or partially hidden, the Sun’s light rays are still way too powerful to be looked at without special protecting goggles!


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