Yana Litovsky, PhD


Department of Banking and Finance

  +43 (0) 512 507 73018


  o.4.12 (SOWI)

 Upon request


Research Interests

Judgment and decision making

Consumer and financial behavior

Information and curiosity

Prosocial behavior

Working Papers

Litovsky, Y. & Loewenstein, G. “Facts Are Like Snacks: Variety Preferences for Information Mirror those of Consumable Goods.”

Litovsky & Olivola, C. “The Resource Focusing Effect: Nudging Consumer Preferences in Time-Money Tradeoffs.”

Litovsky & Loewenstein, G. “Two Ways to Value Information: Consumption and Ownership Utility.”

Litovsky. “When Just Acting Is Enough: The Low Threshold for Warm Glow in Charitable Giving.”

Litovsky. “In Defense of Authenticity: How a Desire for Information Explains Preferences for Authenticity Across Domains.” (available via SSRN)


Litovsky, Y. (2021) “(Mis)perception of Bias in Print Media: How Depth of Content Evaluation Affects the Perception of Hostile Bias in an Objective News Report, PloS one, 16(5). Link  

Litovsky, Horn, S., Loewenstein, G. & Olivola, C. (2022) “Knowing Is Like Owning: Loss Aversion and Diminishing Sensitivity for Non-Instrumental Information, PNAS, 119(34). Link  

Böhm, R., Betsch, C., Litovsky, Y., Sprengholz, P., Brewer, N. T., Chapman, G., Leask, J., Loewenstein, G., Scherzer, M., Sunstein, C. R., & Kirchler, M. (2022). Crowdsourcing interventions to promote uptake of COVID-19 booster vaccines. eClinicalMedicine, 53, 101632. Link  


2020 Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Virtual

2018 Society for Consumer Psychology, Dallas

2018 Behavioral Decision Research in Management, Boston

2017 Association for Consumer Research (session co-chair), San Diego

2017 Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Vancouver



PhD, Behavioral Decision Research (Carnegie Mellon University)


MSc, Behavioral Decision Research (Carnegie Mellon University)


MSc, Psychology (Hunter College)


BA, Psychology and Philosophy (Brandeis University)

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