Research Area Center for Molecular Biosciences Innsbruck (CMBI)


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ronald Micura (Department of Organic Chemistry)

Deputy Head

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bert Hobmayer (Department of Zoology)

ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexandra Koschak (Department of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology)


Gabriele Reiter

Research Objectives

The Centre for Molecular Biosciences (CMBI) has established itself as a major contrib-utor to the Austrian biomolecular and biomedical research community with high international visibility. It brings together research groups from different disciplines in the natural sciences, including structural biology, chemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, genetics, molecular modeling, and pharmaceutical sciences at an international competitive level. The interdisciplinary research aims of the CMBI focus on structure, function, and interaction of biological macromolecules and low molecular weight compounds relevant for cellular growth, metabolism, and development. Research activities take advantage of existing research strengths in the following basic and applied research fields:

  • Structure, dynamics and interactions of biologically relevant molecules
  • Molecular basis of physiological and pathophysiological processes
  • Metabolites, natural and synthetic compounds that modulate important biological processes
  • Cell-to-cell communication and cellular function
  • Stem cells, regeneration and ageing
  • Development of whole organisms

Constantly growing collaborations within the CMBI lead to inspiring ideas and new interdisciplinary research projects. Its financial support by the University of Innsbruck enables internal communication, funding of awards for outstanding young scientists and establishing high quality research seminars as well as the annual CMBI/Innsbruck Life Science Meetings to foster collaborations with external biomolecular and biomedical research groups. This supports our aim to create tight links to the biomedical research community, including clinical sciences. High visibility is achieved by the participation of CMBI scientists in national and international excellence research networks. This includes FWF-funded doctoral excellence programs (“Signal Processing in Neurons”, “Molecular Cell Biology and Oncology”, and “Host Response in Opportunistic Infections”). CMBI researchers also took the lead in organizing and coordinating excellence networks, such as the FWF-funded SFB-F44, “Cell Signaling in Chronic CNS Disorders” and the EU-FP7 Network Program "Impacts of Environmental Conditions on Seed Quality" ECOSEED.

 Interview with Jörg Striessnig (Video)

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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics

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