Research Center for Peace and Conflict


Ass.-Prof. Dr. Rina Malagayo Alluri (AB ULG Peace Studies Section)

Deputy Head

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Tatjana Schnell (Department of Psychology)

Assoz. Prof. Andreas Oberprantacher (Department of Philosophy)

Research Objectives

The Research Center for Peace and Conflict (InnPeace) brings together faculty and doctorate students from the discipline of Peace and Conflict Studies, as well as from a variety of academic backgrounds who utilize their own disciplinary epistemologies and methodologies in the research of a diverse range of peace and conflict-related topics. 

As a relatively young academic subject, Peace and Conflict Studies invites and welcomes and encourages a lively, transdisciplinary exchange of scholars from neighboring disciplines.

Through such transdisciplinary encounters and work InnPeace aims at further developing the profile of the Innsbruck School of Peace Studies, which draws on the ontological and epistemological basis of transrational peace philosophy and elictive conflict transformation.

This is done through aiming at academic excellence through relational encounter and a collaborative approach towards academia. The work of InnPeace currently is structured in three research groups:

All three research groups organize activities under the joint umbrella of InnPeace. In addition to those three research formats, InnPeace has established the Innsbruck Peace Lecture Series, which brings distinguished scholars and practitioners of Peace and Conflict Studies to Innsbruck, with the aim of opening scholarly debates to a broader public, interested in the diverse field of peace and conflict.

Besides the aims of excellency in research and research communication, InnPeace also develops joint teaching formats through didactically innovative approaches in order to translate the state of the art in transdisciplinary debates on peace and conflict to students at the University of Innsbruck.

Ultimately, this shall serve the challenge of addressing a wide range of conflict dynamics and peacebuilding questions, which call on researchers’ innovative, collaborative and pioneer spirit in the formulation of relevant and contemporary research questions and insights.

Affiliated Organisational Units

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Philosophy and History

Faculty of Psychology and Sport Sciences

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences



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