Research Area Physics


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christoph Nägerl (Institute of Experimental Physics)


Sabine Hofer-Brigo (FSP Physik)

Research Objectives

Physics provides the foundation for our understanding of nature and the development of new technologies. New insights and important discoveries in physics strongly influence our daily life, as shown for example by the discovery of electricity and X-rays or the development of the transistor, the laser and magnetic resonance tomography. Also in the future we can expect many new achievements, ranging from new insights into nature to fascinating new technologies based on quantum mechanics.

Within the international community the Innsbruck physics research center connects top-level research among a broad range of physical topics with outstanding education facilities and combines three research centers three basic research fields: the Center of Astronomy and Particle Physics (Speaker: Norbert Przybilla), the Center of Ion- and Plasma Physics/Applied Physics (Speaker: Paul Scheier), and the Center of Quantum physics (Speaker: Francesca Ferlaino). The recently granted doctoral college „Atome, Licht und Moleküle“ from the Austrian Science Fund FWF serves as a training center for highly qualified and motivated academic talents from the national and international scientific community. This further intensifies the cooperation among scientists similar to the Special Research Programs FoQuS (SFB F40), which connects theoretical and experimental research groups from Innsbruck and Vienna under the common goal to improve the understanding of the basic building blocks and the applications of quantum physics. Additionally the technological capabilities have been improved recently by jointly used state-of-the-art facilities.

The physics research in Innsbruck has an excellent international reputation, which also shows up in many awards for scientific members, for example two Wittgenstein awards and many ERC- and START-Grants. The Physics Research Center has many intense collaborations with leading research centers worldwide and forms an international environment for scientists from all over the world. Students benefit from the large diversity of excellent education and advanced training. The gained research experience in this environment offers excellent career opportunities for young physicists, not only in the scientific field but also in many other areas.

 Interview with Francesca Ferlaino (Video)

Affiliated Organisational Units

Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics

Affiliated Research Centres/Doctoral Programms


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