Research Platform Organizations & Society


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andrea Hemetsberger (Department of Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism)

Deputy Head

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Marcelo Jenny (Department of Political Science)

Coordinator Eva Zipperle-Mirwald (FP Organisations & Society)

Research Objectives

»Organizations & Society« is an interdisciplinary research platform at the Univer-sity of Innsbruck. The platform encompasses a network of researchers from various fields, including political science, sociology, business studies, education, psychology, and media studies. As a multidisciplinary collective of researchers we are interested in economic and societal transformations and its implications for organizations and society at large. We investigate new (sub)cultures and social movements; new and open forms of organization in the digital realm; sustainable management of connectivity; democracy, participation and communication in and outside of organizations; learning and education; the creation and use of intellectual and social capital; sustainable organizational and political governance; risk management, and the quality of the (work) life of individuals within organizations, and in Society.

»Organizations & Society« aims to raise the impact of our research by crossing disciplinary boundaries and studying our fields of research from different theoretical angles and perspectives, in order to counteract contemporary specialization and fragmentation of scientific knowledge. We further develop and strengthen our international co-operation networks in different fields; we foster a thriving (co-) working climate for senior scientist and young academics, and develop formats for joint research activities. Overall, our vision and research practice seeks to enhance knowledge for society at large so as to fulfill our social responsibility as scholars.

 Interview with Andrea Hemetsberger (Video)

Affiliated Organisational Units

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Faculty of Psychology and Sport Science

Faculty of Business and Management

School of Social and Political Science

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