Mountain Agriculture Research Unit


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Traugott (Department of Zoology)

Deputy Head

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Rike Stotten (Department of Sociology)

Research Objectives

The Mountain Agriculture Research Unit (“Forschungszentrum Berglandwirtschaft“) is the focal point of agricultural research at the University of Innsbruck. It provides a thematic forum for scientists from different backgrounds, stimulates agricultural research and fosters cooperation among groups. Together with the regional government of Tyrol, the Mountain Agriculture Research Unit operates the research farm in Imst, which is used for research and teaching together with the agricultural trials department of Tyrol. Moreover, the unit serves as an interface between governmental and research-based institutions. Through funds from the regional government of Tyrol (“Land Tirol”), the Mountain Agriculture Research Unit supports research projects which deal with agricultural topics in a yearly and competitive call for projects.

 Interview mit Sprecher Michael Traugott (Video)

Affiliated Organisational Unit

External Partners


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