Research Center Alpine Sports


Univ.-Prof. Justin Stevan Lawley, PhD (Department of Sport Science)

Deputy Head

assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Kurt Schindelwig (Department of Sport Science)

Research Objectives

The Research Center FZ "Alpine Sports" is part of the Collaborative Research Initiative (FSP-"Alpine Space - Man and Environment" (ARMU). The members of the research center focus on the multidisciplinary aspects of alpine sports. In addition to the effects of physical activity in alpine regions on the healthy and diseased population, the center promotes development and optimization of various training methods and special sporting equipment. More than 10 million mountain and ski tourists visit the local mountain areas annually; for the greater alpine region, the number is estimated to exceed 40 million. These impressive numbers underline the particular importance of alpine sports for the region of Tyrol and Austria.

Research in this area underlines the beneficial health effects of physical activity in mountainous regions however these activities are not without risk of accidents and emergencies. Therefore, the main goal of a variety of studies is to reduce these risks and particularly identify the positive effects of physical activity in mountainous regions. This applies to the recreational sport as well as the elite and rehabilitation sport. For instance, risk factors for ski and mountain accidents are collected and analyzed in order to develop preventive measures. Other research projects focus on the characteristic physiological and pathophysiological effects of alpine climate factors such as altitude and temperature on men and women of different age and state of health at different levels of physical and psychological stress. Still others are particularly interested in the development of optimal materials for clothing and the continuous improvement of sporting equipment for alpine sports. Biomechanical analysis of complex movement patterns of various alpine sports, simulation techniques and modern test methods are ultimately benefitting elite athletes as well as the entire population participating in physical activity and alpine sports.

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