Objectives 2012

Facing the challenge of the global climate change the IP EUROSTAIN aims to develop an intensive educational programme in environment-analyses, -modelling, -monitoring and stakeholder consultation with regard to sustainability of the alpine regions in Europe.

The University of Innsbruck and the Free University of Bolzano are hosting an Erasmus Intensive Course in the Tyrolean and South Tyrolean Alps in May 2012. 

Based on research data about the global changes and sustainable development in European alpine regions (EU-Research Projects ECOMONTSUSTALPGLORIACARBOMONTDIAMONT) the IP will show the actual methods of landscape modelling and remote sensing and visualize changes of land-use in GIS.




  • The course is a chance to hear more about the work at the contributing universities and research institutions, and also to participate in field visits and lectures to the EU research area Stubai Valley, the ski resort, hydropower plant and limnological research station in Kühtai, the Reschen hydropower reservoir, the Etsch-dialogue Vintschgau Valley, the global change research area Matscher Valley, the Rienz and Ahr basin in the Puster Valley, and in other places. 
  • The course will visit sites where there are conflicts between different types of land use, and will point out some of the management strategies that are being adopted to resolve problems. 
  • Throughout, we will be considering the key types of information needed to monitor change, and whether there might be alternative management approaches to those already adopted. 



Based on field visits a series of lectures on different schemes of sustainable management and decision modelling will  be given, concerning

  • Selection of key indicators
  • Monitoring at different scales
  • State of environmental changes
  • Level of acceptable changes


Participants are working in groups to identify and prioritise different types of environmental indicators.

  • Workshop 1: 
    Sustainable arid land development
  • Workshop 2: 
    Sustainable ski resort development: Selection of sustainability key indicators
  • Workshop 3:
    Sustainable Stubai Valley development: Select alternative management plans 


The target group includes students in the second stage of study of the departments of “Applied Ecology”, “Landscape Planning”, “Agriculture and Forestry Studies”, and “Environmental Engineering”. The Intensive Programme will allow elaborating the methodical basis for the analysis and assessment of status, endurance and potential development of rural areas. It means a contribution to the training of experts on the fields of “environmental planning and decision making” and “environmental monitoring” concentrating on sustainable development in rural areas.
Successful participation of the course entitles students to a certificate with ECTS-credits which is acknowledged by all participating institutions. 


The teaching staff will consist of experts from the EURAC Bolzano/Bozen (IT), the Free University Bolzano/Bozen (IT) and the Universities of Innsbruck (AT), Aberdeen (UK), Nitra (SK), Zaragoza (ES), Barcelona (ES).



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Cernusca

University of Innsbruck, Institute of Ecology
Sternwartestraße 15, A-6020 Innsbruck
email: Alexander.Cernusca@uibk.ac.at


The teaching language for the intensive course will be English. The ultimate deadline for registration and prepayment is on 10th January 2012. Estimate contribution per student will be approx. EUR 350 for the stay in Austria and Italy. Remaining costs will be paid through an EU-grant. 
For registration please contact the co-ordinator at the partner University.

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