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Boris Knorre
Visiting Fellow, Oct – Nov 2018

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Boris Knorre is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Studies of Civil Society and the Nonprofit Sector of the National Research University Higher School of Economics. He received his doctorate in religious studies from the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, also known as Lomonosov Moscow State University. His interests include sociology and philosophy of religion, social anthropology, cross-cultural studies, politicization of religions, and church-state cooperation. He has conducted extensive fieldwork since 1997, and took part in groundbreaking research for the Encyclopaedia of Religious Life in Russia Today, supported by the Keston Institute. He is the author of In Search of Immortality: Fyodorov`s Religious-Philosophical Movement (Moscow, 2008) and at least 100 articles (in Russian) on issues of ideology, social impact, and cross-cultural comparisons of contemporary religious communities, including Orthodox Christianity, Paganism, New-Age, and neo-Orientalist cults in Russia.       

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