Kick off Conference

16-19 June 2016 | Universitätszentrum Obergurgl

Kick off Conference


Alexander Agadjanian, Tradition as the anchor of the conservative agenda: Russian religious and political uses [Response: Sergej Chapnin]

Veit Bader, Contextualizing Political Liberalism? Some methodological and substantive
reflections [Response: Kristina Stoeckl]

Clifford Bob, Russia, the Traditional Values Network and Globalized Clashes over
Politics [Response: Phillip Ayoub)

Thomas Bremer, The Ecumenical Relations of the ROC during the Cold War and Today
[Response: Chris Stroop]

Alessandro Ferrara, Rethinking Legitimacy in Hyperpluralist Post-Secular Societies: A Multivariate Model

Ingeborg Gabriel, Morality hijacked. What it means, why it is morally wrong and politically dangerous [Response: Julia Mourão Permoser]

Sergej Horuzhy,  Stealing the past, appropriating the future: the misuse of tradition in the
present-day Russian context [Response: Dmitry Uzlaner]

Elena Namli, Using and misusing post-colonialism. A reflection on the Russian critique of liberalism [Response: Ingeborg Gabriel]

Aristotle Papanikolaou, The traditional values agenda of the Russian Orthodox Church from the point of view of Orthodox theology [Response: Elena Namli]

Olivier Roy, From cold war to war of culture: why Russia can pretend to be the new crusader against pagan liberal societies [Response: Pasquale Annicchino]

Kristina Stoeckl, Presentation of the project, team and work-plan

Arpad Szakolczai, Tradition beyond modernity. Revalorizing tradition without traditionalism [Response: Alan Scott]

Dmitry Uzlaner, Perverse Moralism: a Lacanian Interpretation of Russia’s Turn to Traditional Values [Response: Chris Stroop]


Kick off Conference Program


Newsroom: ERC-Projektstart: „Postsecular Conflicts“



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