Helena Sadílková

Seminar of Romani Studies

Department of Southern and Central Asia

Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague



The contribution will present on the current situation and activities of the Seminar of Romani Studies in Prague (Faculty of Arts, Charles University).

Main attention will be payed to the sociolinguistic research on the situation of Romani in Czech Republic, which has been conducted by the Seminar since 2007.

The Seminar of Romani Studies was established in 1991 by doc. Milena Hübschamnnová, during its existence has been involved in several research projects including the fields of ethnography, linguistics, and history. The research on the sociolinguistic situation of Romani is an on-going research project. After a short historical insight into the situation of Romani in CR, the presentation will concentrate on the quantitative part of the reasearch conducted during 2008-09, when more than 1000 Romani children of schoolage were tested on their knowledge of Romani. 

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