The newly founded research Innsbruck Center for Philosophy of Religion (ICPR) brings together the diverse and wide ranging research in philosophy of religion carried out at the University of Innsbruck. 

Current political and social developments make it more urgent than ever to subject religion to broad and deep examination – for the sake of understanding, but also of promoting critical discourse both within and about religions. The Institute for Christian Philosophy at the University of Innsbruck, under whose aegis the Center was founded, regards these developments both as a confirmation of its longstanding research agenda, and as a challenge to expand this to an increasing diversity of religions and worldviews. 

The Innsbruck Center for Philosophy of Religion thus aims to promote excellent research in philosophy of religion and related foundational topics, as well as support for young researchers pursuing them. Its overarching concern is the relationship of religion and faith to reason, in theoretical as well as practical contexts. A particular priority is to support interreligious discourse both in Austria and internationally, in academia as well as in the broader public. 

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