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Master’s Programme
Chemical Engineering

The Master’s Degree Programme in Chemical Engineering is the basis for working as a chemical engineer in research, industry, technological and environmental positions as well as other related fields in the public sphere. This program is a pre-requisite for enrolment into the PhD Programme in Chemistry or Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Master's Programme: Chemical Engineering

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Please note: the language of instruction for this programme is German.


Diplom-Ingenieurin/Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing. or DI)

4 semesters/120 ECTS-Credits

Mode of Study


Relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent, language certificates

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  • understand technologically relevant chemical concepts in an application-oriented way
  • analyse and optimize chemical cycles of materials and their energy balance
  • validate and optimize process parameters and apply them in chemical engineering
  • develop and scale technologically relevant synthesis and separation processes
  • develop the design and safety aspects of technical equipment and machines
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Similar studies

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My career

My career

My career opportunities

  • employment in chemical and pharmaceutical industries and materials science industries
  • work in testing and certifcation within public institutions and departments
  • work at technical colleges, universities of applied sciences and universities
  • journalism (publishing houses, IT-journalism, managing data banks)
  • employment in the patent system (patent agent, patent offices)

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