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Master’s Programme

Students of the Master’s Degree Programme in Pharmacy gain thorough knowledge about the development, production, quality assurance, composition, compounding, storage as well as the biological effects and interaction of drugs and pharmaceutical substances and their safe applications.

Master's Programme: Pharmacy

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Please note: the language of instruction for this programme is German.


Master of Science (MSc)

4 semesters/120 ECTS-Credits

Mode of Study


Relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent, language certificates

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  • synthesise, characterise and analyse drugs and pharmaceutical substances
  • learn about biogenic substances, herbal medicinal products and toxins
  • study the production technology, stability and bioavailability of dosage forms
  • understand pharmacological effects and side effects of pharmaceutical substances
  • learn about pharmacotherapy
My career

My career

My career opportunities

  • work in a pharmacy
  • employment in hospitals (pharmacy or clinical pharmacy)
  • jobs in related industries in research, development, production, quality assurance
  • research and teaching positions at universities
  • work in testing institutions, e.g. forensic analytics, environmental protection, analysis of narcotics, residue analysis, Army Medical Bureau, testing labs
  • work in health agencies
  • employment in pharmaceutical wholesaling
  • train pharmaceutical commercial assistants
  • work in journalism

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