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Computer Science is the science of systematic and automated information processing.  The Extension Programme in Computer Science is combined with other Bachelor‘s and Master’s or Diploma Degree Programmes in other subject areas. Students gain additional scientific qualifications in the fundamentals of Computer Science.

Extension Programme

2 semesters/60 ECTS-Credits

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After completing the extension study programme, students are able to find, build and pursue their own business ideas. In addition, students know how to found start-ups, manage innovation processes and combine subject-specific topics with business knowledge in established companies.

The Extension Programme Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck is aimed at students and graduates who want to expand their qualification profile by a scientifically sound additional education in the field of computer science.

Graduates of the Extension Programme Computer Science

  • have an understanding of central concepts of computer science and are able to describe complex systems,
  • master the methods and tools for systematic and automated information processing in the field of software and data engineering and are able to apply these independently, for example for the modelling and programming of IT systems,
  • are particularly qualified for computer-related professions within, but also outside of the field of the study programme they are extending.

Graduates of the extension programme are in particularly qualified for IT-related tasks in industry, trade and economy, medicine, banking and insurance, as well as for service providers of all kinds. Career opportunities can be found in the field of, but also outside the field of the extensin programme.

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