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Tuning Solid-State Switching of the First Dihydroazulene@MOF Hybrid Materials

Kira Küssner; Risnita Vicky Listyarini; Markus Rödl; Selina Olthof; Klaus Meerholz; Thomas S. Hofer; Heidi A. Schwartz

Chem. Mater.2023, 35, 17, 6953-6965; Link


From Blue Jeans to Luminescent Materials: Designing Thioindigo-Based Red-Fluorescent Hybrid Systems

Alexander Fischereder; Markus Rödl; Markus Suta; Thomas S. Hofer; Heidi A. Schwartz

J. Phys. Chem. C2023, 127, 31, 15657-15668; Link


Mechanochemical Loading: An Alternative Route to form Spiropyran@MOF Composite Materials

Victoria Greussing; Stephane Kremer; Isabell Ober; Kira Küssner; Markus Rödl; Hubert Huppertz; Heidi A. Schwartz

Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem.2023, 649, e2022002 (1-11); Link


First ternary tungsten tellurate(IV) WTe2O7 with unique crystal structure type

Raimund Ziegler; Felix R. S. Purtscher; Heidi A. Schwartz; Thomas S. Hofer; Gunter Heymann

Dalton Transactions2023,52, 2243-54; Link


Structural Properties of Metal–Organic Frameworks at Elevated Thermal Conditions via a Combined Density Functional Tight Binding Molecular Dynamics (DFTB MD) Approach

Felix R. S. Purtscher; Leo Christanell; Moritz Schulte; Stefan Seiwald; Markus Rödl; Isabell Ober; Leah K. Maruschka; Hassan Khoder; Heidi A. Schwartz; El-Eulmi Bendeif; Thomas Hofer

J. Phys. Chem. C2023, 127, 3, 1560–1575; Link


Optical Characteristics of Spiropyran@MOF Composites as a Function of the Metal–Organic Framework Linker Substitution

Victoria Greussing; Josef M. Gallmetzer; Hubert Huppertz; Thomas S. Hofer; Heidi A. Schwartz

J. Phys. Chem. C2022, 126, 26, 10923–10931; Link


2-Arylazoimidazoles revamped by quaternization or dimerization; another gain in functionality of an industrial dyestuff family by task-specific side-chain substituents

Sandro Neuner, Heidi Schwartz, Christoph Kreutz, Thomas Müller, Paul Mayer, Günther Bonn, Thomas Gelbrich, Ulrich J. Griesser, Klaus Wurst, Volker Kahlenberg, Sven Nerdinger, Herwig Schottenberger

Heterocycles2022, 105, 461-476; Link


Fundamental Study of the Optical and Vibrational Properties of Fx-AZB@MOF systems as Functions of Dye Substitution and the Loading Amount

Markus Rödl; Alen Reka; Marko Panic; Alexander Fischereder; Marco Oberlechner; Thomas Mairegger; Holger Kopacka; Hubert Huppertz; Thomas S. Hofer; Heidi A. Schwartz

Langmuir2022, 38, 14, 4295–4309; Link


Structural, dynamical, and photochemical properties of ortho-tetrafluoroazobenzene inside a flexible MOF under visible light irradiation

Markus Rödl; Samuel Kerschbaumer; Holger Kopacka; Laura Blaser; Felix R. S. Purtscher; Hubert Huppertz; Thomas S. Hofer; Heidi A. Schwartz

RSC Adv. 2021,11, 3917-3930; Link


Cationic Cycloheptatrienyl Cyclopentadienyl Manganese Sandwich Complexes: Tromancenium Explored with High-Power LED Photosynthesis

Reinhard Basse; Stefan Vanicek; Thomas Höfer; Holger Kopacka; Klaus Wurst; Thomas Müller; Heidi A. Schwartz; Selina Olthof; Larissa A. Casper; Moritz Nau, Rainer F. Winter, Maren Podewitz, Benno Bildstein

Organometallics2021, 40, 15, 2736–2749; Link


Modulating the Optical Characteristics of Spiropyran@Metal–Organic Framework Composites as a Function of Spiropyran Substitution

Stephane Kremer; Isabell Ober; Victoria Greussing; Holger Kopacka; Hans G. Gallmetzer; Benedikt Trübenbacher; David Demmel; Selina Olthof; Hubert Huppertz; Heidi A. Schwartz

Langmuir2021, 37, 25, 7834–7842; Link


Paving the Way to the First Functional Fulgide@MOF Hybrid Materials

Clemens Eichler; Anna Rázková; Florian Müller; Holger Kopacka; Hubert Huppertz; Thomas S. Hofer; Heidi A. Schwartz

Chem. Mater.2021, 33, 10, 3757–3766; Link


Band-Gap Tuning in All-Inorganic CsPbxSn1–xBr3 Perovskites

Heidi A. Schwartz; Hannah Laurenzen; Asma Marzouk; Manuel Runkel; Kai Oliver Brinkmann; Detlef Rogalla; Thomas Riedl; Sahel Ashhab; Selina Olthof

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces2021, 13, 3, 4203–4210; Link


High fatigue resistance of a photochromic dithienylethene embedded into the pores of a metal–organic framework (MOF)

Heidi A. Schwartz; Hannah Laurenzen; Samuel Kerschbaumer; Melanie Werker; Selina Olthof; Holger Kopacka; Hubert Huppertz; Klaus Meerholz; Uwe Ruschewitz

Photochem. Photobiol. Sci.2020, 19, 1730–1740; Link


Tracking the light-induced isomerization processes and the photostability of spiropyrans embedded in the pores of crystalline nanoporous MOFs via IR spectroscopy

Heidi A. Schwartz; Dominik Schaniel; Uwe Ruschewitz

Photochem. Photobiol. Sci.2020, 19, 1433–1441; Link

Novel Photoactive Spirooxazine Based Switch@MOF Composite Materials

Heidi A. Schwartz; Melanie Werker; Christian Tobeck; Ronja Christoffels; Dominik Schaniel; Selina Olthof; Klaus Meerholz; Holger Kopacka; Hubert Huppertz; Uwe Ruschewitz

ChemPhotoChem2020, 4, 195-206; Link

How far does the defect tolerance of lead-halide perovskites range? The example of Bi impurities introducing efficient recombination centers

Mozhgan Yavari; Firouzeh Ebadi; Simone Meloni; Zi Shuai Wang; Terry Chien-Jen Yang; Shijing Sun; Heidi Schwartz; Zaiwei Wang; Bjoern Niesen; Javier Durantini; Philipp Rieder; Kristofer Tvingstedt; Tonio Buonassisi; Wallace C. H. Choy; Alessio Filippetti; Thomas Dittrich; Selina Olthof; Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena; Wolfgang Tress

J. Mater. Chem. A 2019, 7, 23838–23853; Link

Metal‐Organic Frameworks as Hosts for Fluorinated Azobenzenes: A Path towards Quantitative Photoswitching with Visible Light

Daniela Hermann; Heidi A. Schwartz; Melanie Werker; Dominik Schaniel; Uwe Ruschewitz

Chem. Eur. J.2019, 25, 3606 –3616; Link

Conductance Photoswitching of Metal–Organic Frameworks with Embedded Spiropyran

Shubham Garg; Heidi Schwartz; Mariana Kozlowska; Anemar Bruno Kanj; Kai Müller; Wolfgang Wenzel; Uwe Ruschewitz; Lars Heinke

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2019, 58, 1193 –1197; Link

Smart nanoporous metal–organic frameworks by embedding photochromic molecules—state of the art and future perspectives

Heidi A. Schwartz; Uwe Ruschewitz; Lars Heinke

Photochem. Photobiol. Sci.2018, 17, 864–873; Link

Solution-Like Behavior of Photoswitchable Spiropyrans Embedded in Metal–Organic Frameworks

Heidi A. Schwartz; Selina Olthof; Dominik Schaniel; Klaus Meerholz;      Uwe Ruschewitz

Inorg. Chem.2017, 56, 13100–13110; Link

Photoswitchable nanoporous films by loading azobenzene in metal–organic frameworks of type HKUST-1

Kai Müller; Jasmine Wadhwa; Jasleen S. Malhi; Ludger Schöttner, Alexander Welle; Heidi Schwartz; Daniela Hermann; Uwe Ruschewitz; Lars Heinke 

Chem. Commun.2017, 53, 8070-8073; Link

Crystal Structures of Z and E ortho-Tetrafluoroazobenzene

Daniela Hermann; Heidi Schwartz; Uwe Ruschewitz

ChemistrySelect2017, 2, 11846-11852; Link

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