AG Huppertz

Research interests
Solid State Chemistry and High-Pressure Chemistry

The research interests in the solid state chemistry section of the institute are dedicated to the explorative synthetic discovery of new compounds in the substance classes of borates, fluoride-borates, boro-germanates, boro-gallates, gallates, borate-nitrates, gallium-oxonitrides, rare earth molybdates, intermetallic compounds, and borides.

Advanced synthetic approaches are used under ambient and high-pressure conditions, e.g. using a high-frequency furnace or a high-pressure multianvil equipment. Next to standard solid state synthesis, also molecular precursors are used to aim for new compounds. Primarily, the structure elucidation of the unknown compounds is of interest. Further on, the continuative development and application of these novel materials lies in the focus of our work, including aspects of ionic conductivity, optical properties, non-linear optical behavior, luminescence, mechanical properties, thermal stability, and magnetism.


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