As a member of the Dielmann group, you will gain advanced synthetic skills in inorganic, organometallic and organic synthesis (ligand design), and will become an expert in air- and moisture-sensitive manipulations (Schlenk and dry-box techniques). We employ a range of state-of-the-art characterization techniques including single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis, multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, cyclic voltammetry, FT-IR and UV-Vis spectroscopy, and quantum mechanical methods.

Undergraduate and graduate students:
The group is always looking for enthusiastic students with a passion for the synthesis of reactive main group compounds and transition metal complexes relevant to catalysis. Interested students are encouraged to contact Fabian Dielmann to discuss project details.

PhD students:
Funded positions will be advertised when available. Outstanding candidates will receive assistance with fellowship applications.

Postdoctoral researchers:
Funded positions will be advertised when available. Postdoctoral scholars who wish to apply for independent funding should contact Fabian Dielmann well in advance of their anticipated start date. Please email your CV, a research summary, and a list of publications. 

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