21st European Workshop on Pnictogen Chemistry (EWPC-21)

Innsbruck (Austria), February 19-21, 2025

The EWPC series has a history of 20 conferences held across Europe, offering early-stage researchers the opportunity to present their work to leading European research groups in the field of phosphorus chemistry. With the EWPC-21, for the first time, this fruitful platform for scientific exchange and discussions expands to the chemistry of the group 15 elements. Following the spirit and style of the preceding conferences, the EWPC-21 brings together scientists, academic and industrial attendees to cover diverse aspects of pnictogen chemistry including organic, inorganic, polymers, materials chemistry, and biological chemistry.

The programme will include oral presentations by PhD students (15+5 min, 1 presentation per research group), poster sessions (no limitation), and an invited plenary lecture by a distinguished researcher. Students will also chair the sessions of oral contributions. Prizes for best talks, posters, and chairs will be awarded.

Please note that the deadline for abstraction submission and registration is 01 December 2024. Please submit you abstract and register for the conference prior to this date. 

We are delighted to welcome you to Innsbruck, the Austrian "Capital of the Alps", and look forward to an exciting and inspiring conference!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the organizing team via


Meet the organizers:
Fabian Dielmann

Fabian Dielmann

Hohloch Stephan

Stephan Hohloch

Heidi Schwartz

Heidi Schwartz

Heymann Gunter

Gunter Heymann

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