2015-2018Applications of advanced QM/MM simulations to metal-organic frameworksASEA Uninet/Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
2015-2018A reactive Shell-model for simulations of aqueous interfaces Association for the Promotion of South Tyroleans at the University
2015-2017Extension of a dissociative water model with a Charge equilibration schemeTyrolean Science Funds
2014-2016 Hybrid ab initio/Molecular Mechanical Simulations at different ph values Tyrolean Science Funds
2012-2013 Hybrid QM/MM Simulations of Complex Aqueous Solutes ASEA Uninet/Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
2010-2012Simulation methods for biomolecular systemsErwin Schrödinger Grant/Austria, Science Funds
2006-2009 QMCF simulations of Composite solutesAustrian Science Funds 
2006-2007Generalisation of the QMFF appraochUniversity of Innsbruck
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