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Extension Programme Entrepreneurship


Faculty Fakulty of Business and Management
Duration / ECTS-Credits 45 ECTS-Credits
Academic Degree
Qualification Level
Extension Programme
ISCED-11: Stufe 6, EQR/NQR: Stufe 6
ISCED-F 0414 Management and Administration
Studienart Full-Time
Studienkennzahl UC 046 018 XXX - Master's Programme
UC 046 018 199 - Master's Programme Secondary
School Teacher Training Subject Geography and Economics
UC 047 018 XXX - Diploma Programme
Curriculum  Information on the Curriculum (2021W)*
Unterrichtssprache German
Voraussetzung Admission to the Extension Programme requires admission to or already having completed one of the following Bachelor's, Master's or Diploma Programmes. *
At least 120 ECTS-Credits must have been completed in the programme to be extended in the case of Diploma Programme Catholic Theology.


* Information on the curriculum (2021W)

The complete version of the curriculum reflects the currently valid version of the curriculum. It is for informational purposes only and is not legally binding. The legally binding version of the curriculum, including any amendments, may be found in the University of Innsbruck Bulletins.

In order to determine which version of the curriculum is applicable in your case, see the Catalogue of Studies,
  available at:
  Section: Current Curriculum version.

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Admission to the Extension Programme requires the admission to or the having passed of one of the following Bachelor's, Master's or Diploma Study Programmes:

Admission to the Extension Programme requires the admission to or the having passed of one of the following Bachelor’s, Master’s or Diploma Study Programmes:


Diplomstudium »

Masterstudien »

Masterstudium Lehramt Sekundarstufe (Allgemeinbildung) mit folgendem Unterrichtsfach »

Recommended Course Sequence

The exemplary course sequence given below is recommended for full-time students beginning their study programme in the winter semester. The table shows one possible course sequence for the programme and is not compulsory. Delays resulting from repeated examinations are not taken into account.

The standard duration of the study programme is 2 semesters or 45 ECTS-Credits, whereby according to the Universities Act a workload of 1,500 (real) hours per academic year must be fulfilled, corresponding to 60 ECTS-Credits (one ECTS-Credit corresponds to a workload of 25 hours).

Summer Semester »

5,0 ECTS-Credits: Entrepreneurial Skills
5,0 ECTS-Credits: Entrepreneurship 1
5,0 ECTS-Credits: Fundamentals of Managements: Strategy and Marketing
7,5 ECTS-Credits: Elective Module

Winter Semester »

7,5 ECTS-Credits: Product and Service Development
7,5 ECTS-Credits: Entrepreneurship 2
10,0 ECTS-Credits: Business or Innovation Project

Qualifications Profile and Skills

(1) The Extension Programme Entrepreneurship at the University of Innsbruck is aimed at students and graduates who would like to add to their qualification profile by means of a scientifically founded and practice-oriented additional training in the field of entrepreneurship.

(2) Graduates of the Extension Programme Entrepreneurship have an understanding of central concepts of entrepreneurship and master methods and tools for the systematic implementation of a business idea. The additional entrepreneurship qualification is not only relevant for founding your own start-up, but also for the digital transformation of established companies or the development and introduction of innovative new product developments in companies.

Expected Learning Outcomes

After completing the extension study programme, students are able to find, build and pursue their own business ideas. In addition, students know how to found start-ups, manage innovation processes and combine subject-specific topics with business knowledge in established companies.

Future Prospects: Occupational Profiles and Career Opportunities

During the Extension Programme Entrepreneurship, the students acquire entrepreneurial competences and skills and are prepared for:

  • start-ups
  • self-employment
  • leading positions with research relevance
  • the implementation of business ideas
  • the management of innovation-relevant projects
  • tasks with business management responsibility



Kontakt und Information

Standort Universitätsstraße 15 Piktogramm barrierefreier Zugang

Robert Konrad Schimpf, BSc MSc

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Mike Peters 

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