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Bachelor’s Programme
Atmospheric Sciences

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Atmospheric Sciences is an interdisciplinary programme combining the fields of physics, chemistry, information technology, mathematics and statistics. Students acquire a basic understanding of the atmospheric climate system. With a focus on atmospheric processes in mountains, the students learn to model, measure and analyse weather, climate changes, air pollutants and glaciers numerically and statistically.

Bachelor's Programme: Atmospheric Sciences

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Please note: the language of instruction for this programme is German.


Bachelor of Science (BSc)

6 semesters/180 ECTS-Credits

Mode of Study


Secondary school completion certificate or equivalent, language certificates

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  • predict weather
  • measure air pollutants
  • understand glaciers
  • visualise climate change
  • intensive introduction to mathematics and physics
Similar studies

Similar studies

In puncto Studien- und Prüfungs­kultur bestehen gewisse Ähnlichkeiten mit dem Bachelor­studium Physics (große Teile der drei ersten Semester sind ident).

My career

My career

My career opportunities

  • employment in private or public meteorological services
  • work in business and industry with a specific interest in environment, renewable energy, traffic, finance and insurance, consulting, tourism, etc.
  • work in environmental departments in the public sector
  • work in related engineering and planning offices

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