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Understand, model and observe Earth’s atmosphere and its interactions with hydrosphere, biosphere, cryosphere and human activities. Acquire a highly interdisciplinary set of tools and skills from the fields of physics, computer sciences, chemistry, mathematics, statistics and data science and measurement technologies in courses, lab and field work. Become an expert in atmospheric processes over mountainous terrain on time scales from turbulence to climate.  


Master of Science (MSc)

4 semesters/120 ECTS-Credits

Mode of Study


Relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent

Information on the Curriculum  

The right degree for me?

In five sentences

In five sentences

  • model weather and climate
  • measure atmosphere and glaciers
  • work interdisciplinarily
  • code models and analysis tools
  • focus on atmospheric processes in mountains
Similar studies

Similar studies

Post graduation

Post graduation

My career

My career

Career opportunities

  • meteorological and hydrological services
  • weather consulting companies
  • avalanche warning services
  • environmental agencies
  • (re-)insurance companies
  • financial companies
  • aviation-related companies
  • (renewable) energy-related companies
  • PhD

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