Bachelor’s Programme Economy, Health and Sports Tourism

You want to study business with a focus on tourism?

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This programme offers a sound theoretical education in economics combined with a focus on tourism. The theoretical topics come alive, thus making them more relevant in real life, by concentrating on sports and health.

Graduates qualify to enrol in any Master’s degree programme in economics.


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UC 033 555

The first admission takes place at the UMIT TIROL and the second admission takes place at the LFUI. Tuition fees are to be paid at the UMIT TIROL. 

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Students are able to understand business and economic contexts, to assess them and use their knowledge for finding solutions to tourism-related economic problems. Graduates are able to find innovative solutions for complex problems of business management and regional development. They are also able to take on responsibility for business and regional-political measures. Special focus is on the development of innovative and sustainable approaches for the alpine health and sports tourism sector.

Graduates understand management concepts, can apply them and critically reflect on the field of conflict of economy, ecology and ethics.

The joint Bachelor’s Programme Economy, Health and Sports Tourism of the Leopold-Franzens-University (LFUI) and UMIT TIROL is an economic university education with a focus on alpine health and sports tourism.

The joint Bachelor’s programme aims at supplying the students with theoretical, methodological and practical tools for making a contribution to the further development and the implementation of trends in tourism in the Alpine area.  Focus lies on sustainable health and sports tourism. It is the aim to facilitate an intensive transfer to businesses and organisations, especially in the area of innovative health and sports tourism by using practical expereince, project studies and applied science.

Successful graduates of the Bachelor’s programme of Economy, Health and Sports Tourism know the basic theories, models and instruments of business management and economy. They are able to challenge them and to put them in a wider social and economic context. They know about the specific character of regional tourist services with focus on health and sports tourism. They are able to embed entrepreneurial action in a regional context and to participate in the setting up of co-operations in product development and marketing.

The study programme is held in Landeck. The study programme is a full-time study programme with modular structure.

Having completed this study programme, a wide range of professions and careers in economy are open to the graduates – especially in the area of tourist industry and sports management, management of health-related services, public administration, associations, chambers, lobbies and the media.

The study programme has a special focus on the middle management level of accommodation businesses, tourist-related businesses like lift operators, facilities of leisure industry and event agencies, as well as industry-wide organisations of tourism and regional development, e.g. tourist boards.

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