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The Bachelor's degree programme in Sociology imparts knowledge about how societies function. With the help of sociological theories and methods, practices of action, institutional and social structures as well as processes of social change can be observed, described, analysed and evaluated.


Graduates acquire comprehensive understanding of the subject and possess knowledge of general and specialized sociology, empirical social research, and related areas. Using these abilities, they are able to collect information and develop scientifically sound solutions to practical problems, to assess and implement such solutions, and to apply their qualifications in a wide variety of occupational fields, e.g. in social and healthcare capacities, in education and training, in recreational and cultural facilities, and in the media. They possess social competences, teamwork abilities, presentation and moderations skills, etc.

The Bachelor's Programme Sociology is grouped among the social and economic science study programmes. It equips students with current theoretical and practical knowledge of society and enables them to analyse the social, cultural, economic and political structures and contexts of human activity. Topics range from the various phenomena of globalisation and the contours of contemporary society to questions of cultural conflict, gender identity and the personal creation of identity.

Sociology requires both theory and empiricism to investigate its issues. Using theory, complex relationships can be made accessible. The programme considers European thought as well as current questions of worldwide debate. Using empirical research methods, sociology puts its ear to human activities in society. Together, the two approaches constitute the view of sociology. Thematic and practical work hone decision-making abilities.

In addition to theoretical, empirical and international strengths, special features of the programme in Innsbruck are the specialisation areas of contemporary society, market/state, living environments and agrarian and regional sociology as well as the focus on teamwork and project work in small groups.

Graduates of the Bachelor's Programme Sociology compete successfully with graduates of other social, economic and cultural science fields for a wide range of occupational opportunities in the rapidly changing employment market. The study programme prepares for a wide range of professions, including the following professional fields:

  • in genuine sociology professions: in research institutions and educational institutions,
  • in ministries, in unions and NGOs,
  • in the media, e.g. in the field of journalism,
  • in commercial enterprises (in particular human resources),
  • in the field of social work,
  • in international organisations.

Graduates tracking: Shows which occupational fields students can enter after graduation.

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Why study Sociology in Innsbruck?

"Because we live in a complex society that shapes us and our actions, sociology shows us ways to decode it."

Jacqueline Feurstein

"Because we analyse current events, critically question them and scientifically process theory and practice."

Nik König

"Because we internalise the thinking tools of great sociological thinkers and form our own perspectives that help us better understand socially relevant issues."

– David Orrú


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