Bachelor's Programme Inter­na­tional Eco­nomics and Busi­ness Studies

Are you interested in economics and at the same time would like to expand your specialist knowledge to include intercultural aspects?

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The Bachelor's program in International Economics and Business Studies is designed for students who are not only interested in business and economics, but also want to understand economics in an intercultural context.

Students spend one semester at a renowned international partner university, where they learn country-specific economic concepts, as well as management skills.

An internship as part of the program provides the first experience of putting theoretical learning into practice.


Graduates of the Bachelor's Programme International Economics and Business Studies are able:

  • to act professionally in companies, organisations and institutions on the basis of sound knowledge of the methods and instruments of social and economic sciences and, in particular, of international business and economics, and to recognise and solve problems independently;
  • to take responsibility for the professional development of individuals and groups;
  • to systematically use empirical data in solving practical problems, especially those with an international dimension, and to interpret and use them adequately;
  • reflect on the social, ethical and intercultural implications of their professional actions; and
  • to adequately understand new scientific findings in the social and economic sciences, in particular in international business and economics, on the basis of their professional and methodological knowledge and skills, and to take up further Master's studies.

The Bachelor's degree programme in International Economics and Business Studies serves to provide scientific professional training in the social and economic sciences and to qualify students for professional activities, especially those with an international connection, which require the application of scientific knowledge and methods.

As a scientific study programme, its core consists of the teaching of theories, methods and instruments of social and economic sciences and in particular of international business and economics. The findings of gender studies are also taken into account.

In the modules, the Bachelor's programme in International Economics and Business Studies promotes social, intercultural and foreign language competences beyond the subject-specific competences.

The educational objective of the Bachelor's degree programme is to provide graduates with scientifically sound, theory- and method-based problem-solving skills. This problem-solving competence should enable them to deal with relevant problems in their respective professional fields of application, especially those with international relevance, in a scientifically sound and practice-oriented manner.

As academically trained experts in the field of social and economic sciences and in particular international business administration and economics, they have a broad qualification that enables them to be employed in various professional fields, for example, in the lower management level of internationally active companies, in non-profit organisations (national and international), in various organisational areas such as marketing, controlling, human resources management, finance, etc., or as a founder:in of a start-up

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From the field

Alex­an­dra Fel­de­rer ist Wirt­schafts­s­tu­den­tin des Jah­res

Alexandra Felderer, Studentin der Internationalen Wirtschafts­wissen­schaften, wurde zur Wirtschaftsstudentin des Jahres gekürt. Das Preisgeld in Höhe von 1.500 Euro für die Auszeichnung „Student of the Year in Management und Economics“ sowie weitere 2.000 Euro für vier Anerkennungspreise stellt die Stiftung der Bank Austria zur Förderung der Wissenschaft und Forschung zur Verfügung.

Wirt­­schafts­­studen­­tin des Jah­­res: Anna Retten­­wander

Anna Rettenwander, Studentin der Internationalen Wirtschaftswissenschaften, wurde zur Wirtschaftsstudierenden des Jahres gekürt. Das Preisgeld in Höhe von 2.000 Euro für die Auszeichnung „Student of the Year in Management und Economics“ wurde von der Bank Austria Förderstiftung zur Verfügung gestellt.

Finanz­pro­dukte: Warum wir Risi­ko falsch be­wer­ten

In einem groß angelegten Experiment hat ein Forscherteam mit Beteiligung der Uni Innsbruck erhoben, wie Laien und Finanzexperten das Risiko von Finanzprodukten wahrnehmen. Ein Fazit: Die Forscher fordern mehr Information bei Finanzprodukten. Die Studie erschien kürzlich im Fachjournal „Management Science“.

Per­sonal­marke­ting in der Praxis

Personalmarketing soll helfen, passende Arbeitskräfte anzusprechen. Inwieweit dies in der Praxis tatsächlich klappt, haben kürzlich Studierende der Universität Innsbruck in Zusammenarbeit mit den Tirol Kliniken untersucht. Der Kurs Angewandte Personalforschung ermöglichte Studierenden, die Gestaltung eines Forschungsprojekts aus erster Hand zu erleben.

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