Master’s Programme Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

Do you want to master the instruments of accounting and understand and apply standards and laws?

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The students of the Master’s Degree Programme in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation learn about the main topics in all areas of accounting. Students may choose an individual focus in the fields of controlling, international billing, taxation and auditing.


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UC 066 976

It is recommended to commence the programme in the winter semester in order to avoid study delays.

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Graduates possess specialized skills in the areas of accounting, auditing, taxation and controlling. They are able to apply their skills to solve problems in organizational contexts. Moreover, they are able to reflect on organizational circumstances critically and to assess the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches.

The Master's Programme Accounting, Auditing and Taxation is grouped among the social and economic sciences. It provides in-depth social and scientific qualifications for vocational activities requiring the application of scientific knowledge and methods. The programme is held primarily in German; good knowledge of English and German are prerequisites.

As an academic degree programme, its key goal is to convey theory, methods and instruments of the social and economic sciences, in particular of management accounting and controlling, business taxation as well as accounting and auditing. The modules of the Master's Programme Accounting, Auditing and Taxation go beyond subject-specific competences by also promoting extracurricular social skills.

The goal of the master's programme is to provide graduates analytic and problem-solving skills based on scientific theories and methods for academic and practical applications. This competence enables graduates to treat scientific problems independently, to assess scientific knowledge and apply it in new and research-oriented contexts, and to pursue further academic studies in a doctoral programme.

The Master's Programme Accounting, Auditing and Taxation is intended for highly qualified students who aspire to positions in corporate finance and accounting or to a career in auditing or tax consultation. The master's programme also fulfills the requirements for a doctoral programme and for activities in national and international research institutions. Networking relationships with universities abroad and contacts with leading companies ensure the permanent transfer of knowledge and experience.

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Former students report here on their study experiences:

"The master's program in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation offers a fantastic combination of theory and practice thanks to the professional input from professors and external lecturers as well as guest lectures and case studies from representatives of well-known companies. For my current job as an investment controller at Porsche, the combination of different financial subjects is particularly valuable - in addition to classic controlling topics such as planning, forecasting and budgeting, IFRS-specific issues and cooperation with auditors or supporting international colleagues in preparing for audits are also part of my everyday work."

Laura Blöchl, Investment Controller, Porsche Inter Auto

"The master's program in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation and especially the specialization modules enabled me to acquire a very broad range of specialist knowledge and skills in the areas of accounting, auditing and controlling.  Not only the transfer of the relevant theoretical knowledge is worth mentioning, but also the links to practice. Either through project work with companies from the Tyrol region as part of a course or through the very good network of the University of Innsbruck, which offers students an excellent opportunity to gain initial practical experience. The most valuable aspect of the program was therefore not only the teaching of the relevant theoretical knowledge, but also that the balance between theory and practice was achieved very well. In the end, studying this program opened the hoped-for doors for me and prepared me optimally for the professional world."

Andreas Grüner, Manager, Financial Accounting Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

"The provided fundamental knowledge in the three areas of the master's program AAT combined with the specialization option in the second year offers students the flexibility in deciding their future career path. The practical teaching methods (including projects with companies) provide, among other things, an excellent basis for entering the professional world. Another advantage is that some of the courses are taught in English, which is very beneficial for working in an international environment, especially in the field of management accounting and controlling. The master's program also provides the opportunity to build up a great and lasting network of experts and friends.

Daniel Burger, Senior Controller, Allianz AG

"Diverse, inspiring, practice-oriented - these are the words I would use to describe the master's program in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation. Through the program, I gained comprehensive business knowledge and was also able to develop personally. Practical problems, guest lectures and company cooperations particularly inspired me and provided a good bridge to the taught theoretical knowledge. The study program thus formed a perfect foundation for my professional career. My studies were also enriching from an interpersonal point of view - I still meet up with former fellow students on a regular basis and we reminisce about the time we spent together!"

Nicole Jäger, Senior Business Planning and Analysis Manager, Novartis

It is possible for selected students during their third semester of study (if they begin their studies in the winter semester) to spend a semester abroad at one of our renowned partner universities. We currently offer places at the following universities:

  • University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands [English]
  • Gothenburg University, Sweden
  • Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Freie Universität Berlin, Germany [English/German]
  • Université Fribourg, Switzerland [English/German]
  • HEC Lausanne, Switzerland [English]
  • University of Padua, Italy [English]

Testimonials of students who spent a semester abroad:

"My semester abroad in Amsterdam was one of the most valuable experiences of my time as a student. The University of Amsterdam is a great institution with many talented and dedicated professors. I learned a lot and was able to expand my knowledge in my Master’s program as well as expand my English skills. Amsterdam is also a beautiful city with many sights and a rich culture as well as many welcoming students and locals. I can recommend everyone to do a semester abroad at the University of Amsterdam."

Patricia Eckert, semester abroad in Amsterdam

"Looking back, my semester abroad in Padua was definitely worth it. Not only language-wise, but also because of the many great new friendships I made there, which have lasted to this day. It was also important to me that my semester abroad would help me advance in my studies and that I could benefit from it. I can only recommend the city of Padua and the host country Italy. The city and the university are connected with so much culture. Studying at one of the oldest universities in the world is something special. In general, I would recommend a semester abroad to anyone."

Elias Happacher, semester abroad in Padua

Introduction for the Master's Programme Accounting, Auditing and Taxation on
29.09.2023 at 11:00 am in HS 3 (SOWI)

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