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Students of the Master’s Degree Programme in Architecture will deepen their knowledge in a personalized and interdisciplinary way and systematically prepare for their future multifaceted career. The students develop creative and integrative working methods, meeting future creative, technological, socio-cultural and ecological demands.

Master's Programme: Architecture

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Please note: the language of instruction for this programme is German.


(Dipl.-Ing. or DI)

4 semesters/120 ECTS-Credits

Mode of Study


Relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent, language certificates

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  • learn state-of-the-art and future design and planning methods
  • learn how to implement innovatively and create integrative design
  • use digital tools innovatively and creatively
  • deepen knowledge in a personalized and interdisciplinary way
  • find ways to integrate creative, ecological and technological challenges
Similar studies

Similar studies

Currently, the Master's Programme Architecture is the only programme with artistic aspects at the LFU.

My career

My career

My career opportunities

  • manage the implementation of architectural, urban design and regional planning projects and projects of related disciplines
  • management positions in architectural or planning firms, civil service departments, the construction industry or in the construction and planning departments of companies
  • work in the fields of architecture and media, architectural journalism, architecture theory, architectural history, construction research and the preservation of sites of historic interest
  • work in emerging design disciplines relating to the information society
  • teach and research at universities, academies, universities of applied sciences and highschools with an engineering focus (Austria-specific)

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