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Konrad Pagitz

"I study the flora of the Eastern Alps with a focus on Tyrol. My main topics include anthropogenic impact on flora and vegetation and related issues such as neophytes, their spread and effects on the one hand and rare species and biodiversity loss on the other. The work often has strong practical relevance. As Neophyte Officer of the Province of Tyrol, there is close contact to public authorities. Another focus is on the bramble flora of Austria and the Eastern Alps. I coordinate a working group for research on the Austrian blackberry flora. As curator of the herbarium of the Institute of Botany and the Botanical Garden I am responsible for the care of the scientific collections.”


  • New Rad Data List of Tyrolean vascular plants, TNF, 2021–2023

  • BBT-Monitoring of Neophytes, BBT-Brenner Base Tunnel, 2014–2023

  • Conservation project Innsbrucker Küchenschelle, TNF, 2019–2022

  • Neophyte Center Tirol, Province of Tyrol, 2021–2023

  • #informal projects: Rubus-Flora Austria, Eastern Alps, Italy

Selected publications

  • Pawlowska, Karolina A.; Kryzman Maria; Zidorn Christian; Pagitz Konrad; Popowska Dominik; Granica Sebastian (2023): HPLC-DAD-MS3 fingerprints of phenolics of selected Polygonum taxa and their chemometric analysis. Phytochemistry 208, 113605.
  • Hohla, Michael; Pagitz, Konrad; Király, Gergely (2021): Hidden on both sides of the Alps: Rubus noricus, a new species of bramble (Rosaceae) from Austria and Germany. Phytotaxa 489/1, S. 1 – 9.
  • Margreiter, Vera; Pagitz, Konrad; Berg, C.; Schwager, P.; Erschbamer, Brigitta (2020): Pros and cons of using a standard protocol to test germination of alpine species. Plant Ecology 221/11, S. 1045 - 1067.
  • Pagitz, Konrad; Hohla, Michael; Király, Gergely (2020): Die Rubus-Flora Kärntens – Aktualisierte und kommentierte Checkliste der Gattung Rubus für Kärnten, inklusive Fundortsergänzungen. In: Neilreichia 11, S. 47 - 77.
  • Musiał, Krystyna; Pagitz, Konrad; Gudžinskas, Zigmantas; Lazarski, Grzegorz; Pliszko, Artur (2020): Chromosome numbers in hybrids between invasive and native Solidago (Asteraceae) species in Europe. Phytotaxa 471/3, S. 267 - 275.

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Additional research achievements

Community services

  • Curator of the Herbarium Collections IB

  • Curator of the Botanic Garden Innsbruck

  • Head of the Neophyte Center of Tyrol and Neophyte Officer of the Province of Tyrol

  • Deputy head of the Platform Biodiversity 

  • Management and coordination of the Austrian Outdoor Botany Certificate

  • Head of the “Austrian-Alpine bramble Workshop” 

  • Head of the Association "Friends of the Botanical Garden Innsbruck”

All research achievements


  • Plant biodiversity 

  • Plant identification 

  • Invasion biology

  • Neophyten und Invasive Arten

  • Nature conservation