Current pollen report for Tyrol

May 24th 2024


Changing weather drives the pollen load!

Grass pollen. We are currently recording moderate pollen loads from grasses in the Tyrolean valleys. The allergenic burden can reach locally higher intensities. The weather forecast for the coming days is similar than the one from the last week. Alternating sunny and rainy spells are expected. Therefore, the allergenic burden will fluctuate with these weather conditions. Rainfall will temporarily reduce the pollen concentration in the air, providing relief for individuals suffering from pollen allergies. Meanwhile, at higher altitudes (above 1500 m), the pollen load from grasses is also rising, but the allergenic burden remains low.

Birch pollen. Birch is still blooming at higher elevations (about 1500 m); the allergenic burden can reach locally moderate levels. Pollen loads from oak and beech trees are low; beech and oak pollen can trigger cross-reactions in birch pollen allergy sufferers.

Green alder. Green alder is now flowering at higher altitudes, although the allergenic burden is still low. The pollen load is likely to rise in the coming week.

Spruce and pine pollen. The pollen count is still dominated by spruce and pine pollen. These pollen types do not cause allergic symptoms to pollen allergy sufferers, but they can cause a foreign body sensation in the eyes.

Other pollen types. We are also registering pollen from sedges, walnut, and cypress family among others, although these are of low allergological significance.

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Stay informed and take precautions. Staying informed about the pollen loads in the region is key to managing allergies effectively. Keep an eye on our updates and remember to take necessary precautions during this pollen season.

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