Where are the pollen traps in Tyrol?

The Pollen Warning Service Tyrol currently operates seven pollen traps in different regions and altitudes: Our own trap is located on the roof of the Department of Botany in Innsbruck, in Lienz, Reutte and Zams the pollen traps are located on the roofs of the local hospitals. We collect the samples for the Wörgl measurement site in the trap on the Tiwag dam in Kirchbichl. The pollen trap Galtür is located at the entrance of the Alpenhotel Tirol, in Obergurgl the pollen is collected at the Alpine Research Centre.


Location of the pollen traps on the Tyrol map
Pollentrap Innsbruck



Pollentrap Galtür



Pollentrap Obergurgl



Pollentrap Wörgl



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