It is our ambition to uncover secrets of plant life. Our research activities, although versatile and dynamically developing, have one joint focus: mountain plants. Accordingly, we are involved in the Research Area “Mountain Regions” as well as the Innsbruck Doctoral College “Alpine Biology and Global Change”.

Our research activities focus on the following perspectives, and are organised in eight research groups.

Biodiversity through Time


Biodiversity experiences constant change in tight connection with its environment. We study how plant biodiversity has evolved and reacted to changes of different nature, and how it will respond to global change.



Vegetation Modelling

Structure and Function


Forms fit functions, also in plants. We aim at a better understanding of structural and functional traits from cellular to whole plant level, and how they determine the ecological amplitude of plants.

Cell Biology


Plants in their Environment


Plant life is intricately affected by abiotic and biotic factors. We analyse the underlying mechanisms of plant stress response and tolerance, which provides valuable clues in basic and applied research.

Dendroecology and Tree Physiology

Stress metabolism

Stress Physiology

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