Who is Pollen Warning Service Tyrol?

The Pollen Warning Service Tyrol is part of the Department of Botany of the University of Innsbruck. Our team of botanists and palynologists (pollen analysts) works at our location at Sternwartestrasse 15 in Innsbruck. We are supported by the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl, the hospitals of Lienz, Reutte, Galtür and Zams and the TIWAG at our pollen traps, as well as by the team of the Austrian Pollen Warning Service in Vienna and the ZAMG.

Your pollen monitoring service team

Sandra Kistl

Sandra Suttner
Technical Assistant

Werner Kofler

Werner Kofler
Technical Assistant

Tamara Döllinger Foto

Tamara Döllinger
Technical Assistant Tamara.Doellinger@student.uibk.ac.at

Andreas Gross Foto

Andreas Gross
Technical Assistant Andreas.Gross@uibk.ac.at


Matilde Körbächer
Technical Assistant Matilde.Koerbaecher@uibk.ac.at


Genoveva Herl
Technical Assistant Genoveva.Herl@student.uibk.ac.at


Maria Dohle
Technical Assistant Maria.Dohle@student.uibk.ac.at

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