Research Group

Our group studies abiotic and biotic limitation of plants with focus on trees (seedlings to adults), shrubs and dwarf shrubs, predominantly in alpine ecosystems. We aim at a better understanding of the physiology of plants in their environment. Based on field studies and laboratory experiments, we combine physiological, biophysical, anatomical and biochemical analyzes to improve our knowledge of plant ecophysiology under current conditions and future global change. Alpine plants thereby can serve as model organisms, enabling general insights in plant physiology and ecophysiology.

Fichtensämlinge/Spruce seedling

Spruce seedling

Ultraschallsensor auf Zirbenast/Ultrasonic sensor mounted on Pinus cembra branch

Ultrasonic sensor mounted on Pinus cembra branch

Kran zur Probenname in Waldkrone/Canopy crane for sampling in forest crown

Canopy crane for sampling in forest crown

Main research topics

  • Plant hydraulics (hydraulic efficiency and safety, capacitance, water uptake and loss)
  • Abiotic stress (drought, frost, fire)
  • Biotic stress (fungal infections, pathogen defense)
  • Applied research (urban and crop trees, recultivation, fertilization, methodical developments)

Research group leader

Stefan Mayr


Administrative and technical staff

  • Birgit Dämon

Emeriti and retired staff

  • Helmut Bauer

Research Assistants

  • Andreas Bär
  • Losso Adriano
  • Feng Feng

Graduate students

  • Zhiyi Chen
  • Timo Knüver
  • Carlotta Musso

Master and diploma students

  • Lukas Hilzensauer
  • Daniel Nussbaumer
  • Elsa Platzgummer
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