Andrea Ganthaler

“I study anatomical, physiological, and biochemical adaptations woody plants have evolved to counter biotic and abiotic stress. The main research line aims at disentangling plant physiological mechanisms in response to low water availability and pest attack as well as interactions between stress factors. Research approaches are based on a wide range of methods related to hydraulics, wood anatomy and growth, secondary metabolites, and gene expression and cover varying growth forms with a focus on high mountain ecosystems. Based on findings of fundamental research, particular attention is given to applied aspects and to science communication.”


Selected Publications

  • Ganthaler A, Guggenberger A, Stoeggl W, Kranner I, Mayr S (2023). Elevated nutrient supply can exert worse effects on Norway spruce than drought, viewed through chemical defence against needle rust. Tree Physiology 43, 1745-1757, DOI: 10.1093/treephys/tpad084
  • Trujillo-Moya C, Ganthaler A, Stöggl W, Kranner I, Schüler S, Ertl R, Schlosser S, George JP, Mayr S (2020). RNA-Seq and secondary metabolite analyses reveal a putative defence-transcriptome in Norway spruce (Picea abies) against needle bladder rust (Chrysomyxa rhododendri) infection. BMC Genomics 21, 336. DOI: 10.1186/ s12864-020-6587-z
  • Walthert L, Ganthaler A, Mayr S, Saurer M, Waldner P, Walser M, Zweifel R, Von Arx G (2021) From the comfort zone to crown dieback: Sequence of physiological stress thresholds in mature European beech trees across progressive drought. Science of the Total Environment 753, 141792.DOI: 10.1016/ j.scitotenv.2020.141792
  • Ganthaler A, Bär A, Dämon B, Losso A, Nardini A, Dullin C, Tromba G, von Arx G, Mayr S (2021). Alpine dwarf shrubs show high proportions of non-functional xylem: Visualization and quantification of species-specific patterns. Plant, Cell, and Environment 45, 55-68. DOI: 10.1111/pce.14226.
  • Salomón R, Peters R, Zweifel R, Sass-Klaassen U, Stegehuis A, Smiljanic M, Poyatos R, Babst F, Cienciala E, Fonti P, Lerink B, Lindner M, Martínez-Vilalta J, Mencuccini M, Nabuurs GJ, van der Maaten E, von Arx G, Bär A, Akhmetzyanov L, Balanzategui D, Bellan M, Bendix J, Berveiller D, Blaženec M, Čada V, Carraro V, Cecchini S, Chan T, Conedera M, Delpierre N, Delzon S, Ditmarová L, Dolezal J, Dufrêne E, Edvardsson J, Ehekircher S, Forner A, Frouz J, Ganthaler A, Gryc V, Güney A, Heinrich I, Hentschel R, Janda P, Ježík M, Kahle HP, Knüsel S, Krejza J, Kuberski L, Kučera J, Lebourgeois F, Mikolas M, Matula R, Mayr S, Oberhuber W, Obojes N, Osborne B, Paljakka T, Plichta R, Rabbel I, Rathgeber C, Salmon Y, Saunders M, Scharnweber T, Sitková Z, Stangler D, Stereńczak K, Stojanović M, Střelcová K, Světlík J, Svoboda M, Tobin B, Trotsiuk V, Urban J, Valladares F, Vavrčík H, Vejpustkova M, Walthert L, Wilmking M, Zin E, Zou J, Steppe K (in press). The 2018 European heatwave led to stem dehydration but not to consistent growth reductions. Nature Climate Change 13, 28. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-27579-9

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Additional research achievements

  • Best Graduate Award Foundation Südtiroler Sparkasse, 2012
  • Würdigungspreis des Bundesministeriums für Wissenschaft und Forschung, 2013
  • Innovationspreis der IVB, 2014
  • L’Oreal Austria „For Women in Science“, 2016

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