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Would you like to understand the legal system, acquire legal skills and develop an entrepreneurial mindset at the same time?

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The Law shapes and the economy stimulates our society. The students of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Law acquire basic legal knowledge as well as focused foundational knowledge about business law and economics. The programme prepares the students academically for the practice of Law in business and related sectors.

Please note: the language of instruction for this programme is German.


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UC 033 500

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The study programme serves the academic professional training of lawyers in business and business-related professions. Their high level of problem-solving competence acquired on the basis of this university education prepares them to work in relevant economic professional fields on both a national and international level in a scientifically sound manner.

The Bachelor's Programme in Business Law imparts a broad and methodically sound legal education based on research-led and practice-relevant teaching. The focus is on commercial law and its economic foundations.

Graduates have in-depth knowledge of Austrian, European and international law, with a special focus on its economic law dimensions, as well as the methodological tools to identify, analyse and solve legal issues. This enables them to independently deal with complex problems from law and business, particularly in their interconnection with each other, with the help of a legal solution methodology.

The professional fields for graduates include, for example, tax consultancy, auditing, management consultancy, working in banks, insurance companies and other companies, especially in their legal and human resources departments.

At the same time, the Bachelor's Programme in Business Law serves as a basis for a subsequent master’s programme, which is required for entry into classical legal professions such as notary public, lawyer, judge, public prosecutor and administrative lawyer.

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