Thomas Roach

“My research themes are centred on redox biology, stress signalling and metabolism. I aim to improve our understanding of cross-organelle communication during stress acclimation, predominantly using the unicellular model alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Another focus is on desiccation tolerance in seeds and algae, and how redox changes in the desiccated state influence metabolism upon rehydration. I also strive to increase our knowledge on roles of seed microbiota and cross-kingdom redox signalling.”


Selected Publications

  • Gerna, Davide; Ballesteros, Daniel; Arc, Erwann; Stöggl, Wolfgang; Seal, Charlotte E.; Marami-Zonouz, Nicki; Na, Chae Sun; Kranner, Ilse; Roach, Thomas (2022): Does oxygen affect ageing mechanisms of Pinus densiflora seeds? A matter of cytoplasmic physical state. In: Journal of Experimental Botany 73/8, S. 2631 - 2649. (DOI)
  • Roach, Thomas; Böck, Nina; Rittmeier, Nina; Arc, Erwann; Kranner, Ilse; Holzinger, Andreas (2022): Acquisition of desiccation tolerance in Haematococcus pluvialis requires photosynthesis and coincides with lipid and astaxanthin accumulation. Algal Research-Biomass Biofuels and Bioproducts 64, No. 102699. (DOI)
  • Fernandez-Marin B, Roach T, Verhoeven A and Garcia-Plazaola JI (2021) Shedding light on the dark side of xanthophyll cycles. New Phytolologist.
  • Roach T, Na C-S, Stöggl W, Krieger-Liszkay A (2020) The non-photochemical quenching protein LHCSR3 prevents oxygen-dependent photoinhibition in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Journal of Experiment Botany. https://doi:10.1093/jxb/eraa022
  • Roach T, Stöggl W, Baur T, Kranner I (2018) Distress and eustress of reactive electrophiles and relevance to light stress acclimation via stimulation of thiol/disulphide-based redox defences. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 122, 65-73.

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Additional research achievements

Community services

  • Academic Editor for PLOS One, Plant Biology
  • Board of the Austrian Plant Phenotyping Network

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  • Molecular Stress Physiology (MSc)
  • Plant Physiology (BSc)
  • Biotechnology (MSc/BSc)
  • Plants in Climate Change (BSc)
  • Structure and Function of Plants (BSc)


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