Pau Carnicero Campmany

“I study the responses of mountain plant species to environmental change, with main focus in genomics and evolution, but also at the plant community level. I am also interested in comparative phylogeography and the search for common evolutionary responses across species exposed to the same historical events. After obtaining the PhD degree in molecular plant systematics in the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2017, I started my postdoc project in 2018 in the Department of Botany of the University of Innsbruck, where I hold a tenure track position as assistant professor since 2020.”


Selected publications

  • Carnicero, P., Kröll, J., & Schönswetter, P. 2023. Homoploid hybrids are common but evolutionary dead ends, whereas polyploidy is not linked to hybridization in a group of Pyrenean saxifrages. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 180, 107703.
  • Carnicero, P., Wessely, J., Moser, D., Font, X., Dullinger, S. & Schönswetter, P. 2022. Postglacial range expansion of high- elevation plants is restricted by dispersal ability and habitat specialization. Journal of Biogeography, 00, 1–14.
  • Carnicero, P., Garcia, N., Llorenç, J., Constantinidis, T., & Galbany-Casals, M., 2021. Disentangling relationships among eastern Mediterranean Cymbalaria including description of a novel species from the southern Peloponnese (Greece). Plant Syst. Evol. 307, 13. doi:10.1007/s00606-020-01730-3
  • Carnicero, P., Schönswetter, P., Garcia-Jacas, N., Sáez, L. & Galbany-Casals, M., 2019. Is there a need for accepting paraphyletic taxa? A case study in the Sardinian endemic Cymbalaria muelleri (Plantaginaceae), Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 191, 325-338. doi: 10.1093/botlinnean/boz052
  • Carnicero, P., Sáez, L., Garcia-Jacas, N. & Galbany-Casals, M. 2017. Different speciation types meet in a Mediterranean genus: The biogeographic history of Cymbalaria (Plantaginaceae). Taxon 66: 393-407.

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Additional research achievements

  • Coordinator of two GLORIA sites in the eastern Alps (Dolomites and Texelgruppe)

All research achievements


  • Biogeography
  • Evolution
  • Vegetation


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