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The master's programme in Banking and Finance offers high-quality education and training designed to successfully cope with the challenges of modern financial markets. The program delivers the necessary competencies to understand the economic mechanisms of financial markets, the complexity of managing financial institutions, and the peculiarities of decision-making by financial actors. Students will acquire a rigorous theoretical basis and the competence to transform it into practical management guidance.


Master of Science (MSc)

4 semesters/120 ECTS-Credits

Mode of Study


Relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent

Information on the  Curriculum  

The right degree for me?

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In five sentences

  • curiosity and a generic interest for financial markets and institutions
  • ability to think in economic as well as entrepreneurial terms
  • solid background in quantitative and analytical tool
  • no fear to work with “numbers”
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Post graduation

My career

My career

Career opportunities

  • in financial departments of industrial firms
  • in banks, insurance companies and related financial institutions
  • in supervisory institutions, such as central banks or regulatory bodies
  • in specialized consulting firms

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