Study Programme

The Foreign Language Education training can be taken as part of the Teacher Training Diploma Study Programme 2001/2002 [Download (PDF, 368 KB)] at the University of Innsbruck and as part of the Bachelor Study Programme 2015/2016 [Download (PDF, 998,7 KB] within the New Teacher Training Programme established by the Entwicklungsverbund West including the Pädagogischen Hochschulen [Pedagogical Universities] Tyrol and Vorarlberg as well as the Kirchlich-Pädagogischen Hochschule [Church-based Pedagogical University] Edith Stein. The Teacher Training Diploma Study Programme 2001/2002 consists of three complementary and consecutive modules, corresponding to 10 hours (“Semesterstunden”, SSt.) for each foreign language. In the course of the Bachelor Study Programme 2015/2016, students are asked to complete four modules corresponding to 20 ECTS-Credits and 13 hours.

Please read the general information provided for students before proceeding to the introduction of each module.

General Information for Students

  1. If you have any questions or requests, please contact the IMoF-Secretariat, during the opening hours or via Email for further information.
  2. For administrative reasons and out of fairness to other students, we kindly ask you to only sign up for courses that you will actually attend. Please inform the IMoF-Secretariat in advance, either via email or in person, should you not be able to participate in a course.
  3. The recommended number of semesters is based on the language requirements for each study programme and should allow you to actively participate in all courses.
  4. Participants can apply for IMoF-courses exclusively via the online study platform LFU:online, where you will also find information about the status of your application. Only applications made within the application period will be taken into consideration. The time of your application within the application period will not factor into the admittance.
  5. If your application has been accepted (s. LFU:online), you must attend the first lecture of all IMoF-courses; if you are not present, your spot will be offered to students on the waiting list.
  6. If you have been assigned to the waiting list (s. LFU:online), we kindly ask you to visit the first lecture of the course in question and contact the lecturer directly. If other students who have been accepted fail to appear without providing any reason, their place will be offered to those on the waiting list in the determined order.
  7. We kindly ask you to present any record of language education courses taken at other universities in Austria or abroad, and all documents confirming the recognition of the academic degrees acquired there to the IMoF-Secretariat before the end of the enrolment period. Otherwise, they cannot be taken into consideration at your enrolment.

Information for Students Studying More Than One Foreign Language

The cross-linguistic courses "Einführung in die Didaktik des Fremdsprachenunterrichts" (“Introdution to Foreign Language Didactics”; BA-Study Programme, Compulsory Module 1a.) and “Testen und Bewerten” (“Testing and Evaluation”; BA-Study Programme, Compulsory Module 3a.) can only be recognised for one foreign language. In order to obtain the total of 20 ECTS-credits in the BA-Study Programme for your second foreign language, you can choose from our range of specialised cross-linguistic or language-specific courses that are part of the module 1 (1c) and 3(3c). For the subject English within the Teacher Training Diploma Study Programme 2001/2002, cross-linguistic courses can be recognised as elective modules but not as mid-module courses.


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