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Department of Subject-Specific Education


The Department of Subject-Specific Education was founded in 2012 and unites the subject-specific education of future teachers. It is divided into three sections: Science, Geography, Computer Science, and Mathematics Education; Language Education including English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish; History, Social Studies and Civic Education. All of them are characterised by a research- and theory-based approach to teaching which emphasises the importance of providing a scientifically and empirically substantiated education for specialised teachers at upper and lower secondary level. Moreover, numerous national and international project groups conduct research and generate results that are particularly important for the future-oriented field of Science Education. The findings thereof form the scientific foundation of tasks created for the partially-centralised, standardised school-leaving exam in all foreign languages in Austria. The department thus has the most comprehensive cooperation of subject-specific education at Austrian universities so far.


Head of Department: Mag.a Suzanne Kapelari

Secretariat: Mag.a Margareth Graf

+43 512 507-43020


Universität Innsbruck
Institut für Fachdidaktik
Innrain 52d
6020 Innsbruck, Austria

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