Master’s Programme Computer Science

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Computer Science is the key to a digitalised world. It is the study of the foundations, techniques and applications used for the automated processing of digital information

Students enrolled in the Master’s Degree Programme advance their theoretical and practical knowledge of computation in order to engage in research and invent new technologies.


Students in the Master's Programme learn to

  • understand today's digital technologies and develop future ones;
  • master the interaction of software and hardware in distributed systems of all sizes;
  • optimise the interface between the real world and digital systems;
  • apply methods of logic and machine learning in a targeted and responsible manner;
  • understand systematic approaches to solving large-scale computational problems;
  • contribute to research on new methods
  • specialise in a particular area of computer science.

The Master’s Programme in Computer Science enhances and expands the skills and knowledge in the field of Computer Science acquired during the Bachelor’s Programme in Computer Sciences. In particular, the programme imparts skills for independent scientific work, prepares for the doctoral programme and enables the specialisation in a key area or application field in computer science.

In particular, specialisation can be achieved in one of three subject areas:

  • Logic and Learning
  • Secure and Distributed Computing
  • Perception, Interaction and Robotics

The following key competences are taught or deepened in the Master's Programme Computer Science:

  • Abstraction, formalisation and critical examination of given problems;
  • Ability to systematise approaches to solutions and to solve problems independently and creatively;
  • comprehensible presentation and scientific documentation of the solutions developed as well as project management;
  • Reflection on the effects of technologies from legal, ethical and social points of view.

A solid scientific education in computer science as well as the application of what has been learned to concrete problems are the focus of the education. The language of instruction is English.

The Master's Programme Computer Science qualifies students for highly qualified and innovative research and development work in the field of systematic and automated information processing. Graduates master problem-solving strategies that make them attractive for many responsible positions in all sectors with a technological connection. The imparted ability for independent scientific work prepares students for jobs in academic or industrial research.

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