Master’s Programme Mechatronics

Would you like to specialise in the fields of "Industrial Mechatronics and Materials Science" and "Biomedical Engineering"?

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The students of the Master’s Degree Programme in Mechatronics study techniques to develop systems, processes, devices and products whose essential characteristics are created by the integration and interaction of mechanical, electronic and information-processing components. This results in the development of systems that have a high degree of functionality, efficiency and capacity

Please note: the language of instruction for this programme is German.

This programme is carried out in conjunction with the Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology (UMIT TIROL) in Hall. Students have to enrol at the UMIT TIROL first – tuition fees will be charged – and then at the University of Innsbruck.


Graduates have a highly specialised knowledge in the areas of development and implementation of mechatronic components and systems. They are able to demonstrate their competence in the named fields of mechatronics and where they overlap with other disciplines by correctly formulating and supporting scientific arguments and solving problems in an innovative way and by taking on project leadership.

A central element of the Master’s Degree Programme of Mechatronics is its focus on sustainability and relevance of knowledge and skills. This is why the imparting of knowledge and competences of scientific methods is given priority to specialist user knowledge.

Graduates have the competence to further develop their knowledge and understanding in the field of mechatronics autonomously, also for new and unfamiliar problems or within the scope of research contexts resp. They are especially qualified for demanding tasks in industry and business enterprises in the different fields of mechatronics and the related fields of mechanical engineering, material science, electronic science, medical engineering etc. after brief training periods. There, the advantages of the university education’s focus on basic and methodological competence take effect.

The research-oriented university education of the Master’s Degree Programme of Mechatronics is the basis for access to a vast occupational field in the area of mechatronics, from planning, developing and construction, to production, manufacturing, quality management and consulting. The occupational fields open to the graduates are correspondingly manifold.

Typical occupational fields are:

  • employment with an industrial business in the area of machine, vehicle or plant engineering, with producers of electronic, medical-technical, data processing or process control devices and employment with engineering offices,
  • self-employed work as enterprisers or engineering consultants and
  • working for educational and research institutions.

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From the field

Exoske­lette im Ram­pen­licht

Im Rahmen einer vom Fachbereich Fertigungstechnik der Universität Innsbruck in Kooperation mit dem Cluster Mechatronik der Standortagentur Tirol und der Atlanto GmbH organisierten Veranstaltung informierten Expert:innen aus Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Industrie ein interessiertes Publikum über den Stand der Technik, Anwendungsbereiche und „Best Practice“-Beispiele von Exoskeletten.

Me­chat­ronik: Erster Dok­torats­absch­luss in Inns­bruck

Manuel Ferdik ist der erste, der das komplette Mechatronik Studium, das gemeinsam von der Universität Innsbruck und der UMIT durchgeführt wird, absolviert hat. Nach dem Bachelor- und dem Master Mechatronik hat er im Juli auch das Doktorat Technische Wissenschaften im Bereich Mechatronik als erster mit einer Arbeit über das Internet der Dinge erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

Zen­trale Stu­dien­be­ra­tung

Wir sind die erste Anlaufstelle bei allen Fragen rund ums Studium für Schüler*innen, Studieninteressierte und Studierende sowie Eltern und Lehrer*innen.


In den unterschiedlichen Onlinesessions wird das vielfältige Studienangebot der Universität Innsbruck kurzweilig vorgestellt. Die Onlinesessions sind eine gute Plattform, um schnell und unkompliziert die richtigen Antworten auf individuelle Fragen zu bekommen.

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