41-000 Create or import exam in eExams


You can create an exam (test) directly in eExams, or import it from the LMS.

The procedure for creating exams in eExams is the same as in the LMS. You can find the instructions here:

Important Steps

Import test from LMS

  1. Prepare export file
    • Click Authoring and open the test you want to export.
    • In the test, click Administration and select Export content from the drop-down menu. A .zip file will be downloaded. You can import this file into eExams.
  2. Import file into eExams
    • Click on Authoring and then click on Import. The import window will open.
    • Select the file you want to import and give the test a name.
    • Finally click on Import. You are now in the settings of the test.
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