Erwann Arc

“My research aims at exploring plant responses to environmental factors with a particular focus on the determinants of seed quality. Leading up to now, most of my investigations have been targeted at studying the molecular control of seed dormancy and germination using biochemical techniques, including -omics approaches, especially proteomics and metabolomics. In the framework of various projects and collaborations, I also apply mass spectrometry based approaches, such as GC-MS based metabolite profiling, to detect and quantify metabolites in diverse biological samples including plant tissues, algae and fungi.”


  • Impact of the maternal environment on seed quality (EcoSeed), EU FP7 / University of Innsbruck, 2014 - Ongoing
  • Acclimation and adaptation in Arabidopsis arenosa, FWF, 2018-2022

Selected Publications

  • Arc E, Galland M, Cueff G, Godin B, Lounifi I, Job D, Rajjou L (2011) Reboot the system thanks to protein post-translational modifications and proteome diversity: How quiescent seeds restart their metabolism to prepare seedling establishment. Proteomics 11(9): 1606-1618.
  • Arc E, Chibani K, Grappin P, Jullien M, Godin B, Cueff G, Valot B, Balliau T, Job D, Rajjou L (2012) Cold stratification and exogenous nitrates entail similar functional proteome adjustments during Arabidopsis seed dormancy release. Journal of Proteome Research, 11: 5418-5432
  • Arc E, Galland M, Godin B, Cueff G, Rajjou L (2013) Nitric oxide implication in the control of seed dormancy and germination. Frontiers in Plant Science, 4: 346.
  • Galland M, Huguet R, Arc E, Cueff G, Job D, Rajjou L (2014) Dynamic proteomics emphasizes the importance of selective mRNA translation and protein turnover during Arabidopsis seed germination. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 13: 252-268
  • Arc E, Pichrtova M, Kranner I, Holzinger A (2020) Pre-akinete formation in Zygnema sp. from polar habitats is associated with metabolite re-arrangement. Journal of Experimental Botany 71(11): 3314-3322.

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Additional research achievements

Community services

  • Guest editor for Frontiers in Plant Science: Research Topic "Seed Proteomics"

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  • Plant Biochemistry and Metabolism (MSc)
  • Plant Physiology (BSc)
  • Plant Structure and Function (BSc)
  • Plants in Climate Change (BSc)


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