Maraike Probst, PhD
Wissenschaftliche MitarbeiterinMaraike Probst

Institut für Mikrobiologie
Technikerstr. 25d
A-6020 Innsbruck

Bauteil V, 1. Stock

Tel.: +43 (0)512 507 51325


  • Molekulare mikrobielle Ökologie
  • Mikrobiome
  • Mikrobielle Gemeinschaften
  • Mikrobielle Interaktionen: Bakterien-Pilz-Umwelt
  • Modellierung ökologischer Daten


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  • Versuchsplanung und Statistik
  • Struktur und Funktion von Mikrobiomen


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Publikationen 2022


Sammelband / Sammelwerk, wissenschaftlich (Herausgeberschaft)
  • Probst, Maraike; Ascher-Jenull, Judith (2022): Hide and Seek of Soil Microbes – Who Is Where With Whom and Why? Basel: MDPI AG. ISBN 978-3-0365-5149-4. (DOI) (Weblink)

Beiträge in Büchern / Zeitschriften

Zeitschriftenaufsatz (Originalarbeit)
  • Nagler, M; Probst, M; Zöhrer, J; Dumfort, S; Fornasier, F; Pecenka, R; Lenz, H; Insam, H; Ascher-Jenull, J (2022): Microbial community dynamics during the storage of industrial-scale wood chip piles of Picea abies and Populus canadensis and the impact of an alkaline stabilization agent.
    In: Biomass and Bioenergy 165, No. 106560. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Walter, Andreas; Hanser, Maria; Ebner, Christian; Insam, Heribert; Markt, Rudolf; Hupfauf, Sebastian; Probst, Maraike (2022): Stability of the Anaerobic Digestion Process during Switch from Parallel to Serial Operation—A Microbiome Study.
    In: Sustainability 14/12, No. 7161. (DOI) (Weblink)

Zeitschriftenbeitrag (Editorial)
  • Probst, Maraike; Ascher-Jenull, Judith (2022): Special Issue on ‘Hide and Seek of Soil Microbes—Who Is Where with Whom and Why?'.
    In: Applied Sciences - Basel 12/15, No. 7693. (DOI) (Weblink)

Publikationen 2021

Beiträge in Büchern / Zeitschriften

Zeitschriftenaufsatz (Originalarbeit)
  • Boonmee, S; Wanasinghe, D N; Calabon, M S; Huanraluek, N; Chandrasiri, S K U; Jones, G E B; Rossi, W; Leonardi, M; Singh, S K; Rana, S; Singh, P N; Maurya, D K; Lagashetti, A C; Choudhary, D; Dai, Y-C; Zhao, C-L; Mu, Y-H; Yuan, H-S; He, S-H; Phookamsak, R; Jiang, H-B; Martín, M P; Dueñas, M; Telleria, M T; Kałucka, I L; Jagodziński, A M; Liimatainen, K; Pereira, D S; Phillips, A J L; Suwannarach, N; Kumla, J; Khuna, S; Lumyong, S; Potter, T B; Shivas, R G; Sparks, A H; Vaghefi, N; Abdel-Wahab, M A; Abdel-Aziz, F A; Li, G-J; Lin, W-F; Singh, U; Bhatt, R P; Lee, H B; Nguyen, T T T; Kirk, P M; Dutta, A K; Acharya, K; Sarma, V V; Niranjan, M; Rajeshkumar, K C; Ashtekar, N; Lad, S; Wijayawardene, N N; Bhat, D J; Xu, R-J; Wijesinghe, S N; Shen, H-W; Luo, Z-L; Zhang, J-Y; Sysouphanthong, P; Thongklang, N; Bao, D-F; Aluthmuhandiram, J V S; Abdollahzadeh, J; Javadi, A; Dovana, F; Usman, M; Khalid, A N; Dissanayake, A J; Telagathoti, A; Probst, M; Peintner, U; Garrido-Benavent, I; Bóna, L; Merényi, Z; Boros, L; Zoltán, B; Stielow, J B; Jiang, N; Tian, C-M; Shams, E; Dehghanizadeh, F; Pordel, A; Javan-Nikkhah, M; Denchev, T T; Denchev, C M; Kemler, M; Begerow, D; Deng, (2021): Fungal diversity notes 1387-1511: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions on genera and species of fungal taxa.
    In: Fungal diversity 111/1, S. 1 - 335. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Kurzemann, F.R; Fernández-Delgado Juárez, Marina; Probst, Maraike; Gómez-Brandón, María; Partl, Christian; Insam, Heribert (2021): Effect of biomass fly ashes from fast pyrolysis bio-oil production on soil properties and plant yield.
    In: Journal of Environmental Management 298, No. 113479. (Volltext) (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Mandolini, E; Probst, M; Peintner, U (2021): Methods for Studying Bacterial–Fungal Interactions in the Microenvironments of Soil.
    In: Applied Sciences - Basel 11/19, No. 9182. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Probst, M; Ascher-Jenull, J; Insam, H; Gomez-Brandon, M (2021): The Molecular Information About Deadwood Bacteriomes Partly Depends on the Targeted Environmental DNA.
    In: Frontiers in Microbiology 12, No. 640386. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Telagathoti, A; Probst, M; Khomenko, I; Biasioli, F; Peintner, U (2021): High-Throughput Volatilome Fingerprint Using PTR–ToF–MS Shows Species-Specific Patterns in Mortierella and Closely Related Genera.
    In: Journal of Fungi 7/1, No. 66. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Telagathoti, A; Probst, M; Peintner, U (2021): Habitat, snow-cover and soil pH, affect the distribution and diversity of Mortierella species and their associations to bacteria.
    In: Frontiers in Microbiology 12, Nr. 669784. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Zöhrer, J; Probst, M; Dumfort, S; Lenz, H; Pecenka, R; Insam, H; Ascher-Jenull, J (2021): Molecular monitoring of the poplar wood chip microbiome as a function of storage strategy.
    In: International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 156, No. 105133. (Volltext) (DOI) (Weblink)

Publikationen 2020

Beiträge in Büchern / Zeitschriften

Zeitschriftenaufsatz (Originalarbeit)
  • Gómez-Brandón, M; Probst, M; Siles, J.A; Peintner, U; Bardelli, T; Egli, M; Insam, H; Ascher-Jenull, J (2020): Fungal communities and their association with nitrogen-fixing bacteria affect early decomposition of Norway spruce deadwood.
    In: Scientific Reports 10, No. 8025. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Kurzemann, F.R.; Plieger, U.; Probst, M.; Spiegel, H.; Sanden, T.; Ros, M.; Insam, H. (2020): Long-Term Fertilization Affects Soil Microbiota, Improves Yield and Benefits Soil.
    In: Agronomy-Basel 10/11, No. 1664. (Volltext) (DOI) (Weblink)

Publikationen 2019

Beiträge in Büchern / Zeitschriften

Zeitschriftenaufsatz (Originalarbeit)
  • Mamimin, Chonticha; Probst, Maraike; Gómez-Brandón, Maria; Podmirseg, Sabine Marie; Insam, Heribert; Reungsang, Alissara; Sompong, O-Thong (2019): Trace metals supplementation enhanced microbiota and biohythane production by two-stage thermophilic fermentation.
    In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY 44/6, S. 3325 - 3338. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Walter, Andreas; Probst, Maraike; Franke-Whittle, Ingrid H; Ebner, Christian; Podmirseg, Sabine Marie; Etemadi-Shalamzari, Mohammad; Hupfauf, Sebastian Johannes; Insam, Heribert (2019): Microbiota in anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge with and without co-substrates.
    In: Water and Environment Journal 33/2, S. 214 - 222. (Volltext) (DOI) (Weblink)

Sonstige Publikationen

elektronische Publikation, wissenschaftliche
  • Probst, M; Fernandez-Delgado Juarez, M; Kurzemann, F; Gomez-Brandon, M; Insam, H (2019): Application of ashes from fast pyrolysis bio-oil production of different waste streams may improve soil quality. (Weblink)

Publikationen 2018

Beiträge in Büchern / Zeitschriften

Zeitschriftenaufsatz (Originalarbeit)
  • Klammsteiner, T; Insam, H; Probst, M (2018): Microbiota in a cooling-lubrication circuit and an option for controlling triethanolamine biodegradation.
    In: Biofouling 34/5, S. 519 - 531. (Volltext) (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Probst, Maraike; Gómez‐Brandón, Maria; Bardelli, Tommaso; Egli, Markus; Insam, Heribert; Ascher‐Jenull, Judith (2018): Bacterial communities of decaying Norway spruce follow distinct slope exposure and time-dependent trajectories.
    In: Environmental Microbiology 20/10, S. 3657 - 3670. (DOI) (Weblink)

Publikationen 2017

Beiträge in Büchern / Zeitschriften

Beitrag in Proceedingsband (Abstract)
  • Euchner, E; Walter, A; Manns, B; Probst, M; Griese, C; Insam, H; Kirner, T; Bryniok, D (2017): Influence of Substrate concentration and composition of the microbial community on the biogas production from diffrent carbohydrates.
    In: Liebetrau, Jan; Thrän, Daniela; Pfeiffer, Diana: III. Conference on Monitoring & Process Control of Anaerobic Digestion Plants, Book of abstracts. March 29 - 30, 2017 in Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig: Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum (DBFZ)., ISBN 978-3-946629-18-4, S. 30 - 31. (Weblink)

Publikationen 2016

Beiträge in Büchern / Zeitschriften

Zeitschriftenaufsatz (Originalarbeit)
  • Walter, A.; Probst, M.; Hinterberger, S.; Müller, H.; Insam, H. (2016): Biotic and abiotic dynamics of a high solid-state anaerobic digestion box-type container system.
    In: Waste Management 49, S. 26 - 35. (DOI) (Weblink)

Publikationen 2015

Beiträge in Büchern / Zeitschriften

Zeitschriftenaufsatz (Originalarbeit)
  • Aichinger, P.; Kuprian, M.; Probst, M.; Insam, H.; Ebner, C. (2015): Demand-driven energy supply from stored biowaste for biomethanisation.
    In: Bioresource Technology 194, S. 389 - 393. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Dreschke, G.; Probst, M.; Walter, A.; Pümpel, T.; Walde, J.; Insam, H. (2015): Lactic acid & Methane: Improved exploitation of biowaste potential.
    In: Bioresource Technology 176, S. 47 - 55. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Probst, M.; Walde, J.; Pümpel, T.; Wagner, A.; Insam, H. (2015): A closed loop for municipal organic solid waste by lactic acid fermentation.
    In: Bioresource Technology 175, S. 142 - 151. (DOI) (Weblink)

  • Probst, M.; Walde, J.; Pümpel, T.; Wagner, A.O.; Schneider, I.; Insam, H. (2015): Lactic acid fermentation within a cascading approach for biowaste treatment.
    In: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 99/7, S. 3029 - 3040. (DOI)

  • Probst, M.; Walter, A.; Dreschke, G.; Fornasier, F.; Pümpel, T.; Walde, J.; Insam, H. (2015): End-product inhibition and acidification limit biowaste fermentation efficiency.
    In: Bioresource Technology 198, S. 540 - 549. (DOI) (Weblink)

Beitrag in Proceedingsband (Abstract)
  • Insam, H.; Podmirseg, Sabine Marie; Probst, M.; Pümpel, T. (2015): Everything is everywhere or can bacterial, fungal and archaeal inoculation improve biomethanisation?
    In: Fanedl, L., Avgustin, G.: 9th International Symposium on Anaerobic Microbiology (ISAM9). Domzale: Domzale Biotechnical Faculty., ISBN 978-961-6204-71-2, S. 53.

Publikationen 2013

Beiträge in Büchern / Zeitschriften

Zeitschriftenaufsatz (Originalarbeit)
  • Hastik, R.; Walter, A.; Rofner, C.; Probst, M.; Präg, N.; Moya, L.; Fernández-Delgado Juárez, M.; Insam, H. (2013): Vom stummen Frühling zum langen Winter? 50 Jahre Kontroverse über die Verwendung von Pestiziden und deren Folgen für Mensch und Umwelt.
    In: GW-Unterricht 130, S. 5 - 14. (Weblink)

  • Probst, M.; Fritschi, A.; Wagner, A.; Insam, H. (2013): Biowaste: A Lactobacillus habitat and lactic acid fermentation substrate.
    In: Bioresource Technology 143, S. 647 - 652. (DOI) (Weblink)

Beitrag in Proceedingsband (Full Paper)
  • Schneider, Irene; Wörle, Anna; Schweitzer, Phillip; Probst, Maraike; Insam, Heribert; Bockreis, Anke (2013): Cascading Approach of Biowaste Treatment to Obtain Value-added Organic By-Products and Biogas.
    In: ISWA World Congress Vienna. Wien: Stadt Wien - MA 48., ISBN 978-3-200-03229-3, elektronisch.

Beitrag in Proceedingsband (Abstract)
  • Probst, M.; Fritschi, A.; Insam, H. (2013): Milchsäurebakterien in Bioabfall.
    In: Österreichischer Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaftsverband (Hrsg.): Österreichische Abfallwirtschaftstagung 2013: Bringt das Abfallende neue Ressourcen? Innsbruck, Austria, April 17-19, 2013. Wien: Österreichischer Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaftsverband (ÖWAV)., ISBN 978-3-902810-76-2.

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