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Mycological Collection

Mycological Collection 


Univ. Prov. Dr. Dr.h.c. Meinhard M. Moser

(13. March 1924 - 30. September 2002)
Curriculum vitae

Professor Meinhard Michael Moser (M.M. Moser) was an internationally respected mycologist which a profound knowledge of fungal ecology and biogeography, further interested in fungal chemotaxonomy and toxicology. His favorite area of research was the taxonomy of one of the most complex genera of agarics, Cortinarius. More than 200 scientific publications reflect his tireless engagement and his mycological monographs, books, and keys are basics amongst specialists (see bibliography).

The mycological collection he started in Innsbruck (IB) now comprises 27 000 vouchers from all parts of the world, and includes 420 Cortinarius species that he newly described, together with 80 more new species of various other fungal genera. Detailed descriptions, thousands of slides and numerous water colours document his fungal collections. His earliest collections are preserved in München (M), including numerous type collections of "Die Gattung Phlegmacium (Schleimköpfe). Die Pilze Mitteleuropas, Band IV, Bad Heilbrunn, Verlag  Julius Klinkhardt 1960".